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D20 Girls Magazine - January 2013 $5.00 $1.00
Publisher: Le Nurd Mystique, LLC
by Anthony G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/28/2013 12:47:43

No gameplay-related content, including the advertising. Cover and title seem built to attract the opposite demo of the content's target audience.

This 75-page mag (PDF is 36 two-page spreads, a cover, and a back ad) is built in the general format of a supermarket lifestyle/fashion magazine but with a nerd-culture tilt.

  • 19 full-page cosplay/pinup photos, plus 7 pages of either cosplayer interviews, or cosplayer blurbs with photos
  • 14 pages of relationship-related content (8 pages of wedding content, 3 pages on dating, 2 pages on relationship-related music playlists, 1-page relationship advice column)
  • 7 pages on corsets (2 pages of corset-related cosplay)
  • 3-page essay on cosplay/Fake Geek Girl bullying
  • 3 page interview with a voice actor
  • 2 pages of random photos
  • 2 pages of movie-review capsules
  • 2 pages on non-cosplay crafts
  • 2 page review/article of a children's building toy set
  • 2 pages on new year's resolutions
  • 1 non-advertising page on things to buy

Rather than a broad and fairly shallow focus on nerd subcultures, I expected to see at least some content related to actually playing games (reviews, ads, essays, game content; the closest it comes is in the "Nerdy Dates" article, recommending rolling characters as a date night) or more content on women in games or the games industry. (There's only the essay on cosplay culture, the Fake Geek Girl phenomenon, and related bullying; even the interviewed voice actor is male.) Instead, it looks and reads like a Cosmo built for FLGSs.

Layout is rough in places (fonts seems to swap back and forth within a couple articles) and cluttered in general. The PDF is a beast to use: two-page spreads, unaligned page numbers, no bookmarks, and a two-page ad rotated 90 degrees at the end.

A different title and better product description would set more appropriate expectations. People looking for tabletop-related content geared toward women--or any tabletop content at all--should look elsewhere; this is for cosplayers at best, and cosplay stalkers at worst.

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D20 Girls Magazine - January 2013
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