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A3 Hunt for the Ogre Lord $1.00
Publisher: Sacrosanct Games
by Rachael S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/04/2013 14:42:12

First off I rated this a four for potental more then achievement.

This adventure can use a few corrections (this is A3 NOT A4 see page 4). Another correction is the lack of 'battle damage' that is listed as showing on the handouts. I would suggest that someone inhouse re-read this for logic errors. The handouts should each be a FULL PAGE image, as these quarter page ones look like crap when printed to full page size for real use. My god people this is a PDF who the hell cares if it costs more pages?!. Another note, we print these at home can you please use layers to turn off the ink sucking background parts of the maps?! PLEASE Also when putting together monster stats if you would put in THAC0, S, I, W, D, C, Ch, PPD, PP, RSW, BW, Sp, Bk pg data or BLANK LINES lines for us to fill in would make combat SOOO much smoother.

This adventure is a one lane railroad very simular to the original A3 module back from TSR, it was not a good thing then it is not a good thing now. This needs a work-around. Think about a party of stealty persons comeing at this with the cloak of invisibility you provided to the group in earler adventures. For that matter plan for all the magic you gave the party to be used in each next adventure in your series. NPCs get caputred and questioned. My party went through over 60% of this adventure without killing everything in combat and still managed to gain the information form several orcs and ogres that were caputred. If you place an subsection in each encounter of "information obtainable from NPC XYZ" it would make this much easer to use.

All in all this product is a good core bundle but requires a commitment to corrections/ alterations to fit it into a campaign, unless your group is closer to a group of starting players.

If the publisher were to fix their logic errors, update the handouts, expand the monster statblocks and republish this I would even buy it again.

?Rachael ?Strange

page 4 Correct A4 to A3 Page 5-8 the "Untamed Lands" these need to ALSO be in a player handout version of what the characters know about the areas Page 6 the outpost maps need to be setup on a single page for each outpost with area descriptions. Use a full page allowing for 3-ring binder use Page 8 the handout for Rall's Note is not easy to read once printed out. Page 9 a sword that is +0/+2? what the heck is this? i have never seen any magic item ever that is magical and only provides damage bonus? can you please explain this to me? seriously please. Page 10 why are encounter chances 50% per hex that seems like way way above 'normal' for encounters. Page 10-11 50 elite orcs, 6 shamans C5, subboss vs party when the army on Page 23 is 50 orcs L1, 30 archers L1, 6 elite orcs, 1 Ogre are sent to take out a town!?! Elves, rangers and local wildlife don't notice this? Ask any hunter what 57 men in the woods does to the local wildlife. There would be NO random encouters at all and PCs have a good chance of noticeing the 'army' in the woods. Seriously, ever go to a convention and smell the dealer hall? 50+ orcs would SMELL BAD! Page 11 having escaped the trap and taking the orc prisoner (into one of the bags of holding you have given the party) and tucking his body into the bag with his gaged head hanging out the party escaped with the cloak of elvenkind (3 bags = 2 loud PCs + orc) on the elf and the thief sneeking the party is away and alive and unrailroaded. Page 12 Having gotten the location of the 'state prison' (really? and the inquisitor does not know about this?) the party goes after it and while scouting it trips a larger pit + shute trap and lands in area 1 with some broken equipment.

At this point I'm going to hold off anymore comments as you can see some of what i'm talking about. Seriously this is a good product, even if a little short sighted.

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A3 Hunt for the Ogre Lord
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