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Shadow Players Guide
Publisher: White Wolf
by Eddie v. D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/10/2004 11:00:32

From the little I've read this seems to be a really good book. But that's not really why I'm writing this review. I'm writing this review to comment on the PDF specifically. I was dissapointed by the scanning quality of this book. It is a scan of a physical book, which I already expected seeing as this book is quite old (in World of Darkness terms) and there probably isn't a digital version available. I do think the scan could have been a lot better. It's also irritating that the whole book is white text on a black background, which means it is anything but printer friendly. I would have liked to see a printer friendly version accompanying this book. This could be done by taking the scans of the pages, inverting the colors and fiddle a bit with the contrast and generating a seperate PDF from that.

Great book, but the PDF could have been of a much higher quality.

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Shadow Players Guide
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