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Publisher: Dakkar Unlimited
by Alastair M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/23/2013 09:24:22

In essence, this is the female human counterpart standee set to Dakkar's "Hot Dudes 1", that is, near-future paper "A"-frame minis, with sometimes several identical poses of the same figure dressed in different clothes from underwear/swimwear to casual streetwear (albeit none in full armour or spacesuits here). Few have obvious weapons, the range of stances adopted is notably greater and rather less static than with "Hot Dudes 1", and the colour palette is brighter and less "muddy" than in "Hot Dudes" too. The figures as a whole will neatly fill a similar range of niches as PCs or NPCs from heroes to villains and all points in between, for many scenario settings. A few are rather "Anime", including a Catgirl provided, strangely, in both a colour and black-and-white version, though there was no male equivalent in "Hot Dudes", but these are in the minority.

Dakkar's minis are intended to be 25mm-scale, so may need resizing if you want them to fit with 28/30mm figures and scenery. The CGI artwork will survive such enlargement readily, but if using the whole page of minis, you'll lose a few near the edges in doing so.

Useful figures for any near-modern gaming, whether you use "Hot Chicks: The RPG" or not.

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Hot Chicks 1
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