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Ptolus Bonus Map Pack
Publisher: SkeletonKey Games
by Marc P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/27/2013 07:53:41

Free. Hard to argue with that price tag, even if you don't play the game in question. Free is what led me to pick this up with the thought that maybe I would get some measure of use commensurate to the cost out of these maps. I was right, and then some.

The Ptolus Bonus Map Pack is basically a reprint of maps from other sources as stated on the product's cover page. The book contains two versions of each, one with areas labeled and some degree of notation, and a second with nearly all that removed. In some instances taking "Dining Room" off the map isn't going to matter when the map is clearly a home and that room is clearly meant for dining in, but the majority of notations are numerical call outs referencing some features list that was part of the original product the map came from. In either case these maps a beautiful, full color affairs with a clearly marked scale and compass. The "blank" versions could be of immediate use to any GM in need of a quick layout for anything from a home, to a city, to a series of sunken caverns. The prelabeled versions might be useful for a GM looking to detail the location on his own for a more pre-meditated use.

Rating: 100% - Regardless of you needs this is an outstanding "buy" for GMs. You can't beat the price of Free, but I have certainly seen lower quality or less useful items at the same price point and higher. If you need some cheap maps for a fantasy game this would be a good pick up.

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Ptolus Bonus Map Pack
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