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100 Steampunk Inventions $1.00 $0.75
Publisher: Lee's Lists
by JD S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/10/2013 12:50:43

I balance cost against the value of an RPG product, and an item priced at a dollar is an easy sell for me.

With that in mind there isn't a single cent of value in this product.

Its a complete rip-off. It is not a list of 100 steampunk inventions, it is a list of 100 sentences which appear to be compiled either by a random word generator or cut & paste.

Each is : (name) & (name)'s (nonsense sentence) powered by (steam, coal, radium), this (size) device is useful for (most practical adventurer / person of breeding / etc).

For a buck I knew I wasn't going to get any sort of detail, but I expected that I would get some ideas about steampunk devices that I could expand upon, seeds as it were.

Instead I received gibberish. There isn't the slightest indication of what any of these items are supposed to do.

Don't waste a dollar. There is nothing here.

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100 Steampunk Inventions
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