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Shotguns & Saddles Old School, Old West RPG $0.00
Publisher: Dave Bezio's Grey Area Games
by Bill D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/21/2013 19:54:33

Another winner from Dave Bezio!

Clever character design that is class-less yet archetypical. Innovative yet familiar alignment and other d20-esque elements make the game a breeze to learn.

The setting (as such) characters and things make great use of the Wild West tropes without being cliched. The game is more crunchy than X-plorers, but still rules light IMO, allowing story and player to player tabletop fun to take precedence over rules lawyering.

A great read, and a great game!

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Shotguns & Saddles Old School, Old West RPG
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