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Pulp Hero (5th Edition) $24.99 $12.50
Publisher: Hero Games
by Eric P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/28/2013 18:41:16

Even if you have no need for another game system (and to be honest, I've only glanced at the rules stuff here), if you're running any pulp game at all, there are over 200 pages of system- and setting-agnostic material to make it worth the price: a thorough and engaging discussion of the pulp genre, lots of historical background (including a historical "who's who"), and, most useful to me so far, a detailed, month-by-month timeline of the 20s and 30s organized into convenient categories.

I've got several different pulp games, and this has by far the most thorough source material.

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Pulp Hero (5th Edition)
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