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High Psionics: Psionic Feats $1.95 $1.27
Publisher: Dreamscarred Press
by Jake R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/16/2007 23:12:41

Solid crunch. A lot of it is several feats compiled from other sources, but many new ones as well. With five general feats to choose, the vast majority (57 to be precise) are naturally, psionic feats. A few Mantra feats (originally introduced in Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics) with full rules for Mantras, also made the cut. And finally for those oft ignored fans of Epic games, five feats have been included. With a well-organized table layout, there are clear superscripts to help browsing through the feats. The psionic and epic psionic feats tables both explain if psionic focus must be expended or retained in order to use a particular feat. Another nice touch is the inclusion of the Diehard feat, clarifying one of the Mantra feats. A few of the psionic feats grant three bonuses based on three prerequisite powers. All of these types of feats grant a wide variety of new actions for a small cost, and seemed like they would be a lot of fun. However, the overall layout could be improved. First of all, the first few lines of several feats begun on one page, but the majority of the text was located on the following page. Another annoyance was the prerequisite feats did not have superscripts listing the original sourcebook. And some of the psionic feats were similar in design to tactical feats; separating them from the rest of the psionic feats would have been another boon. Still, the only real complaint is the lack of artwork. Since this sort of product is naturally devoid of a lot of fluff, some well-placed artwork would have been a welcome distraction. Nonetheless, these feats add many options for enhancing a character. Two that really stuck out were Psionic Gift and Rapid Constructor. Psionic Gift allows one character to aid a manifester in increasing effective ML by taking damage, but this increase in ML also stacks with Overchannel! Finally, Rapid Constructor enables faster manifestation of Astral Construct. Definitely worth the price.

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High Psionics: Psionic Feats
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