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Transylvanian Adventures $12.99
Publisher: Land Of Phantoms
by Noah S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/30/2013 23:58:36

Chock full of great stuff and I am no doubt going to incorporate many things into my campaign soon

That said, I feel like maybe (although I confess I snapped it up ASAP) the thing needs a little more polish. Some layout issues in the tables for character generation and others, a wide variety of tiny typos (mostly missed spaces for some reason). I'm not sure if the character sheet near the end is a final version - it seems like it maybe suffered from some artifacts of the scanning/compression/enlargement/reduction thing - it's grainy and pixelated (this is page 286). I don't remember the sheets in the entry module looking this way and I think they might be hard to use on paper. Still, they are very very cool and better than the original DCC sheets IMHO (also seem like a positive influence from DW/AW)

The artwork is great - kinda Edward Gorey in places - and the ideas and tone are awesome and just the kind of thing I am looking for. There is an influence from Dungeon World, I think, and that's for the best. I have waited very long for this (my ears perked up at the first rumor) and it's good but sell no wine before its time - I'm not sure if I can change my rating with an update, but it's only a number of small things in the layout of the thing that nag. Overall, (and I confess maybe I can wait until the whole has sunk in), I'm impressed with the integration of new ideas, particularly Ruin and the PC classes and all the great random charts that I have come to associate with DCC

Please don't let my comments give you the impression I don't like it. Obviously, since it came out mere hours ago I haven't incorporated all this good stuff into a game, yet and maybe I'm a little hasty or something in my remarks but I hope they are taken in the spirit they are given. Good work overall - a little buffing will make the shiny thing fairly gleam in the dark

[4 of 5 Stars!]