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High Psionics: Soulknives $1.92 $1.54
Publisher: Dreamscarred Press
by Jake R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/26/2007 18:38:16

As the title suggests, this supplement is the long awaited boost to Soulknife options. Boasting three variant soulknives, as well as a new class that manifests Mind Armor, a multitude of feats, and items created for and even BY soulknives. The variants allow the Soulknife to comfortably fill entirely new niches in a group. It is now much easier to be a hulking bruiser, a nimble wielder of two blades, or a master of ranged combat, and still be a Soulknife. In addition, these variants include explanations for who the variants work with the Racial Substitution Levels from UTP. As for the Soul Bastion, it is a defensive approach to the Soulknife’s Mind Blade that flows amazingly well. While the offensive capabilities are limited, it receives unique abilities allowing it to actually control the battlefield and serve as a party tank. My favorite ability was Trade Blows; when damaged in melee, the attacker also takes a percentage of that damage. The drawback is the lack of options outside of multi-classing. All of the feats are Kensai feats, originally introduced in UTP, meaning they all help the multi-classing Soulknife. Besides offering attack options, a few feats also enable a Soulknife to manifest Soul Armor/Shield. Finally, all of these feats are also Fighter Bonus feats. And the items are crystal receptacles for Mind Blades. If a Soulknife manifests his mind blade through a crystal hilt, the mind blade strengthens and can be enhanced. In addition to the single hilt are double hilts, crystal bows, and even crystal gauntlets. Also, the creation of these crystal weapons has been adapted into a series of skill checks. Overall, I had two miniscule problems with HP-Soulknives: Editing and the Soul Bastion options. Fortunately, the process of correcting text errors is well underway. And a Soul Bastion mini-supplement, while not promised, may come along in the future. I definitely feel this product easily deserves the best rating on any scale!

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High Psionics: Soulknives
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