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The Trolls of Mistwood
by Bruce L.
Publisher: Shinobi 27 Games
Date Added: 01/19/2018 15:46:39
The Trolls of Mistwood This adventure is very well written: it consists of investigative work for the players, red herrings to mislead them, and multiple enemies to both deceive, and confuse them, at a most critical point in the adventure! There is a cast of numerous, interesting, and potentially misleading characters to encounter, and interact with. The plot is not overly complex, but the fact that they are facing two enemy factions, using them as a tool to defeat their opponents, makes for some interesting challenges for the players. Without giving too much away, things are not what they seem. The players may imagine they have solved the numerous mysteries, but more likely, they have not. This is a story with depth, complexity, and challenges which are not particulary common. It involves far more than trute force, or horrendously powerful magic, to overcome the machinations of the powerful adversaries in this adventure. If you are planning to run this adventure, a quick read-through will give y...

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Dyson Logos Commercial Map Pack 1
by Nathan C.
Publisher: ZERObarrier
Date Added: 01/19/2018 14:28:16
Dyson Logos Commercial Map Pack 1 This collection contains all of the maps from the Dyson Logos web site that are free for commercial use. While you can peruse the blogs on the web site to download, buying this pack is convenient, easy to flip through, and more importantly, it supports a fantastic artist. The dungeon design and cartography captures that perfect old school flair and is incredibly professional.

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7te See Charakterbogen
by Alexander H.
Publisher: Pegasus Press
Date Added: 01/19/2018 14:25:09
7te See Charakterbogen Für den Druck und das manuelle Ausfüllen am Tisch ist dieser Charakterbogen voll in Ordnung. Allerdings ist es kein PDF-Formular, was man am Rechner ausfüllen könnte und daher habe ich doch lieber einen englischen Bogen genutzt.

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Stars Without Number: Revised Edition
by John B.
Publisher: Sine Nomine Publishing
Date Added: 01/19/2018 13:51:29
Stars Without Number: Revised Edition **Stars Without Number: Revised Edition** is the best kind of "2nd edition" that other RPG titles should aspire to emulate. Why? Because it did not throw away the baby with the bathwater. It is fully compatible with all the original SWN sourcebooks and adventures. The original Stars Without Number was an amazing but identifiably "indie" set of rules. Was it bad? No, it was great, chock full of great ideas, interesting systems of rules, exciting content. But as a gamer who has been around since the '77 basic set, I've certainly read my fair share of RPG rule books, and the original SWN was a very well done "budget" book that looked very good but was not the highest quality layouts and artwork I'd seen before. This new Revised Edition corrects all of that, in spades, and adds a ton of new excellent content as well. There were a few issues I had with the earlier system, and almost all of those minor issues I had have been corrected with the Revised Edition also. This game starts with ...

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Pioneer Class Station
by MR C D T.
Publisher: Zozer Games
Date Added: 01/19/2018 13:23:29
Pioneer Class Station An excellent product. I love the overall flavour and background detail of the Hostile RPG and I envisage this station design will also get a bit of use in my Traveller campaign too. The adventure that comes with it is also very good; full of tension and putting the players into a dangerous situation from the outset before turning up the scare factor!

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Intercrime: Hostile Takeover for V&V
by Ken F.
Publisher: Monkey House Games
Date Added: 01/19/2018 12:55:43
Intercrime: Hostile Takeover for V&V A decent introductory adventure and good background material for a criminal organization. Both fit nicely into our ongoing campaign for GURPS Supers! I did modify the first encounter with the Firebrands to fit the campaign better, so the Firebrands were used by Intercrime to steal high-tech designs from a rival corporation, Vanguard Industries, which is used in several V&V adventures.

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Trail of Cthulhu: Bookhounds of London
by Customer Name Withheld
Publisher: Pelgrane Press
Date Added: 01/19/2018 10:46:02
Trail of Cthulhu: Bookhounds of London Bookhounds of London is a Trail of Cthulhu supplement that puts the players in the role of a bookseller of strange and occult tomes. The generic hook is that the quest for forbidden knowledge can drive a lot of mythos stories. The supplement describes how the odd booksellers market works in London. Booksellers range from the odd pushcart to wealthy established shops. I got a lot of inspiration on designing or modifying Call of Cthulhu scenarios from this book. The quest for forbidden knowledge and the characters surrounding that market is a wonderful idea. I have my doubts about the usefulness of running a campaign where characters run an occult bookstore. It is a fine idea, but a book length setting for this is too much. You have to sell books to make money to keep your shop open in the 1930s, but some books are horrible and should be burned. Balancing the two would be challenging. The entire setting is very London-Centric which could be an excellent or poor idea dependin...

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Nightmare on Hill Manor
by Jeremiah E.
Publisher: White Wolf
Date Added: 01/19/2018 09:07:54
Nightmare on Hill Manor I have not ran a World of Darkness adventure in many years and picked this one up to introduce a couple of new players to the world setting. I am impressed by the level of detail and depth for a free scenario. With very little tinkering, I was able to customer tailor the adventure for the ongoing camaign I have planned.

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New Paths Compendium - Expanded Edition (Pathfinder RPG)
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Publisher: Kobold Press
Date Added: 01/19/2018 08:44:24
New Paths Compendium - Expanded Edition (Pathfinder RPG) But there already is a New Paths Compendium you may ask - and that was an excellent book which came out in 2013. In the Introduction to this 'expanded' version, the lead author tells about how, whilst pleased with the first book, had loads of ideas on how to improve it, and had also added two more individual classes to the New Paths line and dreamed up a few more that hadn't seen the light of day, so this volume is the result. It does, of course, draw on the original. The first section presents classes old and new, some twelve of them. We revisit the spell-less ranger and the battle scion amongst others, but get to meet the tinkerer who has never before seen the light of day. Each one gets the full write-up you'd expect, complete with a dramatic picture and all the game mechanical details you need to create a character as well as plenty of flavour information to convince you that it would be fun to play. If you use Kobold Press's Midgard setting there are also notes on how each clas...

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W20 Pentex Employee Indoctrination Manual
by John M. S.
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Date Added: 01/19/2018 07:20:40
W20 Pentex Employee Indoctrination Manual This is a great, if shorter than expected (90 pages) sourcebook for anyone wishing to use Pentex as an adversary in a World of Darkness game. The Tone is entertaining and there are plenty of plot hooks for a storyteller to get their teeth into. I wrote a more detailed review over at my website which you can find [HERE](

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[5E] A Touch of Class: 7 New Classes for 5th Edition
by Jeff H.
Publisher: EN Publishing
Date Added: 01/19/2018 06:31:53
[5E] A Touch of Class: 7 New Classes for 5th Edition The Noble (a 5E Warlord, basically) is by far the best thing here. If a smallish writeup that basically takes that idea and does it *reasonably* well is worth the price to you, buy it. Otherwise, don't, because the rest ranges from nothing to write home about to actively bad. It's dubious whether some of these concepts - particularly the Feywalker and the (somewhat misleadingly named) Occultist - are interesting and archetypal enough to support their own classes. Several of them could be done more satisfyingly as archetypes for classes that already exist. But even the good ideas are not, in general, executed well, especially from a balance standpoint. The Alchemist - the one I was most looking forward to conceptually - can get Cure Wounds as a ritual starting at second level (and eventually, at 20th level, as a *cantrip*), which dramatically alters the game's balance, basically flipping a huge middle finger at several of the game's underlying assumptions, not least the entire con...

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Mists of Akuma: Scourge of Robai Shita Temple
by Thilo G. [Featured Reviewer]
Publisher: Storm Bunny Studios
Date Added: 01/19/2018 06:26:58
Mists of Akuma: Scourge of Robai Shita Temple An review This adventure for the Mists of Akuma-setting clocks in at 50 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial/ToC, 1 page SRD, 2 pages of advertisement, 1 page back cover, leaving us with 44 pages of content, so let’s take a look! Now it should also be noted that two pages of the pdf are devoted to providing a recap of the mechanics for both dignity and haitoku, the attributes introduced by Mists of Akuma. The module is intended for 7th level PCs and should be used with a well-rounded group. While this is intended to be run in the bleak, mist-shrouded lands of Soburin, the module works in other settings as well, provided you can tweak it to include Soburin’s peculiarities – i.e. Japanese Horror with a subdued steampunk angle. Okay, as always with these modules, you don’t necessarily *need* Mists of Akuma to run them – all necessary information is provided, though personally, I definitely recommend them within the context of their setting. In this boo...

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DDAL05-11 Forgotten Traditions (5e)
by Lance C.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 01/19/2018 00:14:29
DDAL05-11 Forgotten Traditions (5e) One of the best modules you can ever play or run. Replayability is pretty solid and you can tune how you run it based on how the players' creativity work.

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DDAL07-08 Putting the Dead to Rest (5e)
by Lance C.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 01/19/2018 00:12:08
DDAL07-08 Putting the Dead to Rest (5e) It was pretty easy to follow and easy to read, but it felt like the final battle wasn't as challenging as it should be. Running it in a very strong mode or changing how you challenge your players though could help make a more enjoyable game. RP wise it's really great because the continuation feeling from the TOA book is pretty good.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
by Robert C.
Publisher: Richard T. Balsley
Date Added: 01/19/2018 00:11:20
Infiltrator The Infiltrator theme provides a wide variety of classes and builds for those with an affinity for stealth and subterfuge. Builds are provided that allow you to play classic character types like the con man, spy, and burgler. You can also take on more unique roles such as the shadowcaster and intelligence officer. This is a great resource if wish to explore the various ways to ditch and deceive your opponents.

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