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DRAGONLOCK: Dungeon Starter Set
by Stacy P.
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
Date Added: 11/22/2015 14:14:21
DRAGONLOCK: Dungeon Starter Set This set is a must have for dungeon crawlers. Being new to 3D printing this is still easy to print with a few trial tiles to get your settings dialed in. The company stands behind it's product in fix's, improvements, and help within and from the community that uses it. Expansions to come.

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Tides of War: Volley Teamwork Feats
by Greg L.
Publisher: Flying Pincushion Games
Date Added: 11/22/2015 11:51:28
Tides of War: Volley Teamwork Feats Note: I was given a free copy of the product and I am a 3PP. I look at other things (such as OGL, and PI designations) and also calculate that into my review. I'm a little harsh in words, but they ain't fightin words. Tides of War: Volley Fire Teamwork Archery Feats shoots a little left for me as a player. It includes 6 simple feats that build upon Volley Fire or Group Fire. Only one of these is included in this book, that would be Group Fire. Rant: It’s fine to mention Volley Fire as a prerequisite, but if it's not in your product, I have no idea where it is. It's sure not listed in the OGL section of the book. Which is missing "Tides of War: Volley Fire Teamwork Feats" from it and Ranged Tactics Toolkit (which by the way is where Volley Fire Feat comes from). So in order to use this book you have to locate where Volley Fire comes from. Unless this book is referring to its own special rules they call Volley Fire...which is found at the very last page of the feat section in a ...

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Mystos: The Role Playing Game
by Oliver O.
Publisher: Blackstone Entertainment, Inc
Date Added: 11/22/2015 10:04:40
Mystos: The Role Playing Game Mystos is a neat indie game with a unique twist in how it handles die rolling with a rock-paper-scissors approach. This PDF was had a good layout and nice art too. I will be pitching it to my gaming group soon!

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The B/X Rogue
by Eric F.
Publisher: Necrotic Gnome Productions
Date Added: 11/22/2015 09:00:45
The B/X Rogue I received a copy of B/X Rogue from a friend just as I was wrapping up a leg of writing on a new campaign, more on that later. B/X Rogue is a new Gavin Norman title that takes the thief and defines the PC class in new ways. The book clocks in at about twenty six pages of old school goodness. Gavin is in charge of the City of Iron blog and clocks in some damn fine titles such as the Complete Vivmancer and the crowd sourced Free OSR adventure From the Vats . He is also the man whose put out one of my all time favorite B/X pay what you want PC expansion class books Theorems & Thaumaturgy. So when B/X Rogue hit the stands today I contacted a friend to grab this title and let me take a look at it right away. So colour me intrigued, and very happy to have another variation on one of my favorite PC's classes at the table. BX Rogue does quite a bit different, this blurb from the City of Iron blog really intrigued me "More than simply a thief, the rogue class has access to talents drawn fro...

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Castles & Crusades Bluffside City on the Edge
by Timothy B.
Publisher: Troll Lord Games
Date Added: 11/22/2015 00:31:06
Castles & Crusades Bluffside City on the Edge I was surprised by the amount of information packed inside this supplement. Bluffside, the surrounding area, and the underworld beneath it are each detailed, along with history, power structures, and religion -- I expected that. Seven black and white maps are provided, thanks to a recent update to the PDF from the publisher. Beyond that, however, you will find monsters, NPCs, items, magic items, spells, races, and classes. While I haven't played in Bluffside yet, the races and classes look like they would work well in any fantasy setting, and could easily expand a Castles & Crusades player's options. The information is really packed into these 178 pages, with few illustrations. While I would have appreciated more art to break up the text, I still appreciate the detail that this supplement goes into....

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Template Pack #15 Space
by Jacob R.
Publisher: Lord Zsezse Works
Date Added: 11/21/2015 17:25:28
Template Pack #15 Space I cannot overstate how awesome these templates are. I love using them. Everything I've made with them has gotten a very positive reception.

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Double Feature Charity Module: Erik Jensen's Bonespur Glacier and Jason Paul McCartan's The Tomb of Bashyr PWYW
by Sophia B.
Publisher: InfiniBadger Press
Date Added: 11/21/2015 15:05:59
Double Feature Charity Module: Erik Jensen's Bonespur Glacier and Jason Paul McCartan's The Tomb of Bashyr PWYW -------------- A while ago Erik Jensen asked for reviews and I foolheartedly promised one. So today let’s talk about the module with the long name Double Feature Charity Module: Erik Jensen’s Bonespur Glacier and Jason Paul McCartan’s The Tomb of Bashyr. I’m no old school Grognard (what’s the female version anyway?) so I’m looking at this from the perspective of someone who has come to the OSR in the 2010’s. Thus, I can’t compare the product with original (1st edition) D&D adventures as I’ve never played them. This post will contain spoilers! I haven’t played the modules, these are my impressions from reading. The modules are written for OSRIC but can of course be used with other old-school D&D games. Erik Jensen’s Bonespur Glacier This one is all about a Nordic vibe with polar bears, a crystal dragon, and a lost princess who is frozen in ice. It’s presented matter-of-factly. There are points of interests, factions and things to do, ...

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Dark Castle - AdventureCraft Dungeons
by Matt J.
Publisher: Adventurecraft
Date Added: 11/21/2015 12:35:34
Dark Castle - AdventureCraft Dungeons I backed this on Kickstarter the first time around, and after seeing the quality and content of this and the other tilepacks from the creator, I'm back for more! This set has a huge amount of flexibility, and is perfect for capturing that old-school "16-bit dungeon crawl" feel. The art is really clean, and looks great on the table. Having multiple options for the same tile footprint is a nice touch too. I'm using this set for some homebrewed Super Dungeon Explore games, and it's working out great! Looking forward to future offerings for sure....

[5 of 5 Stars!]
PA1 Vault of the Faceless Giants
by Lora A.
Publisher: New Big Dragon Games Unlimited
Date Added: 11/21/2015 07:27:33
PA1 Vault of the Faceless Giants This was a great adventure to run, but the lack of a wandering monster table for the dungeon itself left it feeling kind of empty. (That's why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I would have done 4.5 if it was possible.) I ran it without the psionic element because I didn't have the supplement, but doing so took nothing away from the adventure. The battle at the bell went too easily, largely because of a lucky die-roll on the thief's first shot, but I still would have beefed it up a bit (and I will when I run it again!) As a first-level adventure it was wonderful not to have to deal with the typical "fight the goblins/rescue the unicorn" simplistic plots that many beginning modules feel like. In fact, there's a lot of material for development for later adventures. It left my players wondering, "Was this the only temple?". "Are there other planar rifts that need closing?", "Will that thing be coming back for us?" Overall, a great adventure. I am glad to add it to my library!...

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Rocket Amoeba
by Petr P.
Publisher: Silver Branch Games
Date Added: 11/21/2015 02:34:09
Rocket Amoeba Rocket Amoeba core rules. — Easy to understand? Yes, RA is a deceptively delightful game core rules system. Simple - easy to grasp - written well. Straight to the point. Illustrates how game mechanics work while hiding a game depth that is undiscovered until played. Fun to play? Yes, RA is fun to play. It has a few innovations that make it more interactive in the physical world. It has a simple, yet deep dice rolling mechanism and application. It needs some tweaking, but if you are an experienced game player (as I am), you should recognize right away what the problems may be for Rocket Amoeba. I fixed the problems within two hours of study and rules rewrites. Not much tweaking is needed, and the game is fun to play, which makes up for any problems. Worth the money? Yes, RA is worth the money. There is a print copy available, I suggest you get the printed book as well. It is not a Graphic Design Monument to the Artist, but it is functional, clean, and well-written. As a PWYW ...

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The Modern Path - Heroes of the Modern World 2.0 [PFRPG]
by gerald h.
Publisher: Game Room Creations
Date Added: 11/21/2015 00:04:58
The Modern Path - Heroes of the Modern World 2.0 [PFRPG] It does a decent job for the most part of providing rules for playing a modern era pathfinder campaign. While the talent system creates almost as much flexibility as point buy systems, and is a lot of fun, there are some serious problems with the Modern Hero class. This is a problem since Modern Hero Class is the bulk of the book, and is supposed to be a viable class even with the traditionals running around. Day Job & Perform: Incorporates the day job rolls from Pathfinder Society, but requires them to be profession only. PFS ends at twelfth level, whereas this is supposed to go up to twentieth so the table really should have been extended. Moves all the creative stuff ot Perform, which seems odd. Doesn't provide any reference for using Perform or Craft in the age of the internet. Is the internet just a prosperous city? If you take perform writing, how would you sell your stuff? Presumably the day job check could cover this, but using Perform skills isn't allowed for that by RAW. ...

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Worlds Without Master, Volume 1, Issue 3
by Derek K.
Publisher: Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing
Date Added: 11/20/2015 18:08:56
Worlds Without Master, Volume 1, Issue 3 This is brilliant fiction and brilliant gaming with wonderful illustrations to bring it all to life. It's a steal at $4.

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Fat Goblin Gazette #2
by Ben S.
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
Date Added: 11/20/2015 17:29:23
Fat Goblin Gazette #2 As usual, the Fat Goblin Gazette delivers loads of useful material for your Vathak campaign and beyond.

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BattleTech: Interstellar Operations - BETA
by Thomas M R.
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
Date Added: 11/20/2015 17:07:39
BattleTech: Interstellar Operations - BETA Catalyst Game Labs/Topps Interstellar Operations - Beta adds to the first four core rule books by allowing game masters, players, and gear heads to play from the early years of the Star League to the latest conflicts in the BattleTech Universe. If the final release is as good as the battle this will be a very good addition to anyone's BattleTech Collection.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Heroic Tyles FREE Interrogation Room
by Matthew M.
Publisher: Microtactix
Date Added: 11/20/2015 15:03:46
Heroic Tyles FREE Interrogation Room not bad. Once I've printed it out i'll more than likely be using it for my heroclix games.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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