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Ravenloft Player's Handbook (3.5)

MSRP: $14.99
Deal price: $7.49 (50% off)
Deal of the Day
Wizards of the Coast

Step into the Darkness Within the darkness, terror reigns. Vampires rule the night. Shapeshifters howl beneath the gibbous moon. Ancient evil and new-made ghosts and ghouls prey upon a populace ruled by fear. Yet within the darkness glows a light - a few brave souls who stand against the evil. Have you the courage to join their struggle?

Gothic Adventure in the Domain of Dread The Raven...


The Player Paraphernalia April Special is 1/2 off for the Month of April! And for good cause (because we want to), we are adding all three Spell-Works compendiums for 50% off as well. Happy April!

The Knotty-Works  

Warsong - Core

$19.99 $13.49

Get 10% of our Warsong products all month in celebration of our Dhovaine Kickstarter project!



April Stock Art Sale! Everything is 50% off!!

Rogue Genius Games  


It's my "I need to pay my medical bills sale!" Everything is half off for the next month!!! Grab what you've missed or try something new!



50 Twitter Followers Sale!



For the rest of April, all Ice Kingdoms products will be 50% off.



Happy Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day!



Get a great price on some of our most popular backlist titles. SelectSan Angelo and Sengoku titles as low as $4.99 through the end of April!



Aegis Studios She Kills Monsters Sale!

Since Travis is off directing a play in Rockford, Illinois (which runs now thru April 30th), we've decided to offer 50% OFF ALL DIGITAL PRODUCTS!!

Get your game on! Tell your friends!

(and if you're near Rockford, Illinois. Come see She Kills Monsters!)

Aegis Studios  



Dean Spencer Art  


Hey Gamers! All 10th Millennium titles are reduced to 79 cents for the rest of April and most of May. Get your titles today.

Send us a review of any title to, and you'll recieve a complimentary copy of a title of your choice, or a future complimentary copy of the next release!


Gods and Icons Player's Companion 40% Off!

New Gods, New Talents, and More!

Dread Unicorn Games, LLC  


Rarr! I'm A Tabletop Day Sale!

A sale so big it runs from April 27th all the way until May 1st.

25% off everything on our publisher page...even the free stuff!

Rarr! I'm A Monster Publishing  


Happy International Tabletop Day! To celebrate, all of my DriveThruRPG products are on sale for 50% off until Monday the 1st of May!

Axebane Games  

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