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Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual
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Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual

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Hello Explorers!

The Frontier Explorer presents

Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual cover imageThe Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual

The Sathar! They have repeatedly invaded the Frontier and their deadly red ships have always remained a mystery. Rumors abound that top secret UPF files exist giving details on sathar ship interiors and details of the sathar culture and military. No UPF official has ever admitted to the existence of this information.

Now, The Frontier Explorer presents to citizens of the Frontier the deck plans of a sathar destroyer. These plans were recently declassified from Starfleet records and represent data obtained from an undetonated derelict ship found drifting since the First Sathar War. These plans reveal the true alienness of these creatures and underscore the terror that these ships should instill in all Frontier citizens.

This 30 page document contains complete maps and descriptions of the interior of the sathar destroyer, the most common sathar vessel found in the Star Frontiers game. It also includes information on the the philosophy of the ship's design and cultural elements about the sathar to allow game masters to develop similar plans for other ships. While the sathar are specific to Star Frontiers, this ship and deck plans can be easily adapated for use in other game systems.

In addition to the PDF with the ship descriptions, the download includes two sets of full scale maps. Both sets were produced at 100dpi and have a scale of 1 half inch (50 pixels) = 1 meter. The first set has a half inch square grid superimposed on it and is designed to be printed and used for tabletop play with miniatures or the counters provided in the Star Frontiers game. The second set is identical but has had the grid removed to be used with virtual tabletop game systems.

As is true with all the Frontier Explorer products, and per our agreement with Wizards of the Coast in creating Star Frontiers material, this download is completely free. But while we can't charge for our products, we are allowed to accept donations and “tips” from interested users. The Frontier Explorer Presents series is our “tip jar”. As such, we are releasing this project as a pay-what-you-want product to allow donations from the community to help support the Frontier Explorer.

If you like what you've seen in the published issues of the Frontier Explorer magazine and want to help keep it going, consider making a donation when you download this title by making a non-zero donation in the price box. If you don't want to contribute, that's fine as well. Enjoy the free deck plans. If, after downloading this product or any of our magazine issues, you want to make a donation, just visit our website and hit the donate button in the left sidebar. All donations go toward maintaining the magazine's website and producing the magazine and special issues.

We hope you enjoy this special Frontier Explorer Presents issue. As always, keep exploring!

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Critiques (1)
Discussions (2)
Customer avatar
Derek T November 21, 2017 5:14 am UTC
As I Usually "Think" In Traveller
And Am No Respecter Of Origin when I Need A Ship For An Encounter or Scenario ;)
It Would Be Convenient If You Provided Approximate Cubic Meters In Ship Details
Thank You
Customer avatar
Tom S November 21, 2017 6:08 pm UTC
It's not in the summary information but it is mentioned in the text on page 2 in the Technical Data section. For this particular ship, the volume is just over 48,000 cubic meters (excluding the engines). I have the exact number somewhere but I'd have to dig it up from several years ago (or recalculate it).

Having it explicitly called out is a good idea though and I'll keep that in mind for future ships.
Customer avatar
Derek T November 22, 2017 1:27 am UTC
Thank You
And, Please Don't Exclude the Engines
Or Format As Main Hull, and Total
I Will Derive The Volume Of The UPF Assault Scout From The 3D Print Files When I Have The Time ;)
Customer avatar
William L February 21, 2014 5:17 am UTC
It would have been nice to actually be able to download this product. But that part of the page seems to be missing.
Customer avatar
Tom S February 21, 2014 5:25 am UTC
William, I'm sorry you are having problems downloading the document and related maps. I'm not sure what the issue is that you are experiencing with the download process as we've had quit a number of downloads of the product without any problems.

If you can't get the download to work after adding the product to your cart and going through the checkout process, that would seem to be an issue to take up with the site owners. I'm sorry about the inconvinience. Drop me a line at and we'll get you squared away.
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