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Complete Ambiences Sound Pack [BUNDLE]
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Complete Ambiences Sound Pack [BUNDLE] (audio product)


 Ambient Environments - Arcology
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34


An Arcology is a self-contained enormous habitat or “hyperstructure” of extremely high population density that would theoretically contain a variety of residential, commercial and agricultural facilities designed to minimize individual human environmental impact. You’ve seen them before in films like Bladerunner or in rpg's like Shadowrun. Those giant pyramid looking things? So, I give you, homage to Bladerunner…kinda. This track is epic and large but not overpowering. Just listen to the population growth happening within its ambient chords as the attempt for crowd control becomes a huge eyesore on the cityscape of your favorite metropolis.

Content: This is a musical soundscape inspired by sci-fi soundtracks yet void o...

 Ambient Environments - Battlefield Ruins
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Battlefield Ruins

You’ve come across a distant battlefield after the battle has recently ended. Bodies lie here and there and the remaining armies have long fled. 

Content: Somewhat more musical than many of the tracks, this one is foreboding and a little exotic.  intermittentsounds of a raven or crow. A tattered flag flapping in the wind. Rocks from a nearby wall crumble to the ground. The music is subtle and ambient. It's a very atmospheric peice that introduces the feeling of dread and suffering yet impies tension to any setting. It's one of the only "Background" soundscapes that contains subtle musical elements.

Uses: Perfect for a battlefield setting, as implied in the title, where the battle is over and...

 Ambient Environments - Black ICE
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Black ICE

You’ve gone and done something you weren’t supposed to again didn’t ya chummer? Well, now you need some danger-on-the-run-chase music to go with your trouble and here it is. Whether you’re in the net or running gun, this is the track to inspire you to get out and get out fast or at least die trying! 


Uses: This is a musical soundscape was created for the cyberpunk genre but it can fit any intense situation or setting. Perfect for futuristic, modern or sci-fi settings of any kind.

Settings: Sci-Fi, Modern, Mood Music, Action

Time - 10:00 min


 Ambient Environments - Catacombs
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34


Grab your holy water and enter a place where the dead have long been laid away. Far beneath the surface of some hallowed ruins, unimaginable horros await you. Disturb the sarcophagi if you must but tread softly. You cannot kill what's already dead.

Content: Airy ambient textures with slight musical embellishments and whispers. Enclosed feel. Echoing caverns. There are many ghostly creature sound effects to create that enclosed feeling where the dead may dwell.

Uses: Perfect for horror, modern or fantasy environments. Can be used for any underground dwelling in any genre.

Settings: Horror, Fantasy, Backgrounds, Ambient

Time - 10:00 min


 Ambient Environments - Cathedral At Dawn
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Cathedral at Dawn

This holy place is quiet and serene. An ambient texture fills the background but not without the pleasant interruption of chanting monks, a singing boy’s choir, and a female cantor who sings the melodies of the heavens whilst you meditate in solitude on your humble visit.

Content: The airy feel of a large cathedral. Chanting monks. A boys choir. A female soloist. Large church bells.

Uses: Best for fantasy settings but can be used just as well for medieval settings.

Settings: Fantasy, Period

Time - 10:00 min


 Ambient Environments - Defiling the Crypt
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Defiling the Crypt

A stone opening slides back as you enter. A thick mist of ancient origin wafts past you as you make your way inside. You instantly succumb to a cold chill that embeds itself deep into your bones. That feeling you're being watched becomes hard to shake. Fear sinks to the pit of your stomach and you swallow hard to regain your courage. You rally forward to hear a spirit's hallow wail above the din of feint whispers from troubled souls of long past. You should have thought this through a little more and packed that chamber pot you left behind. Dealing with a wet leg amongst all this other rubbish is just distracting.

Content:  Dark ambient tones, and echoey textures, whispers of distant occurrences and spirits. Occasional low ...

 Ambient Environments - Druid Ceremony
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Druid Ceremony

You come upon a group of druids in the middle of the forest surrounding a small glade where large stones have been placed in a particular, but unknown pattern. A young man and woman are in the middle. The forest here seems so much more peaceful than anywhere else. The bird chirps and forest chatter is calming. Several male druids chant in low drones while female singers laude praises melodically in Gaelic and Elvish. 

Content: This soundscape is perfect for that esoteric ceremony that otherwise might go without a background other than one that simply uses a forest setting or music. it's unique because it contains hard-to-find rare content. Mainly singing, chanting and melodic portions. it includes male chanting similar to the low hu...

 Ambient Environments - Dungeon Crawling
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Dungeon Crawling

Here we are again. Somewhere underground in a damp, dark, and unfortunate place searching for treasure guarded by who-knows-what. Well, might as well get this over with. Sword? -check Armor? -check Rations? -oops...always forget that. At least you brought the important stuff.

*note: This soundscape was recently updated for better quality. The old soundscape is now called "Dungeon With Traps".

Content: Mysterious ambient drone. Burning torch and flurries as you pass it from hand to hand or move abruptly. There are occasional monster groans but they could be confused with sounds of the wind in the underground lair. *If you want a similar soundscape with traps and events, check out this one: Dungeon With Traps

Uses: Perfe...

 Ambient Environments - Egyptian Tomb
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Egyptian Tomb

You clamber down the rope into a dark chamber below. The temperature changes the further you go. Deep into the abyss of a place designed to keep people like you out. The treasure of the pharoah await you and so do the things they put in place to guard it.

Content: Ominous whispers. A floating texture accompanied by egyptian instruments that occasionally chime in. They're subtle and don't detract from the intention of this soundscape. Sometimes, there are sublte moans to indicate mummies reside here as well.

Uses: Perfect for an Egyptian setting. A tomb, pyramid, or something similar. Can be used in pultiple genres. 

Settings: Fantasy, Horror, Modern, Backgrounds, Ambient

Time - 10:00 min


 Ambient Environments - Forest of the Fae
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Forest of the Fae (TIME: 10:00): 

Here in the forest of the fae, only the lucky ones get to experience the magical calmness and natural surreal elegance that occurs in these woods. The bright sunshine warms your skin and the air is fresh with the smell of spring flowers. it would be easy to stop your journey here and spend the rest of your days basking in the wonder of the place the fae call home. 

Content: Very light and airy tones to set a pleasant mood in this fairy forest setting. There are atmospheric sound effects accompanied by gentle wafting musical elements. Birds and other forest critters. Chiming magical creatures.

Uses: Perfect for a fairy, magical or elven forest setting.

Settings: Fantasy, Ambient


 Ambient Environments - Hacking In
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Hacking In

You have little time. They are right behind you and your crew and you have to decide if you have the time to hack into the matrix or do it the hard way. You decide the easy way is better...for you. You're crew hardly agrees as they ready their weapons. One of them gests, "Don’t be distracted while you’re hacking into that virtual world full of data ready for the taking. At least have someone guard your meat body. Who wants to volunteer?" None of them raise their hands. You don't find this funny at all.

Content:  Nice steady beat builds tension. Sits in the background nicely. Sound effect of an old modem dialer. 

Uses: A good track for doing something you’re not really supposed to be doing then being cha...

 Ambient Environments - Lost in the Labyrinth
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Lost in the Labyrinth

We've been circling this place for hours, no, days! Who knows?! It's hard to tell which way is up. Directions don't exist in this place. The walls seems to close in with every step. There's that statue again! We're going in circles. We're never gonna get out of here!

Content:  Heavy yet airy drone with whispery, high magical tones accompanied by a whistling wind. The drone feels foreboding at times, circling back and forth to symbolize confusion, assisted by a “wracking” sound like a quick bowing of a stringed instrument back-and-forth—combined to give you the feeling of disorientation.

Uses: Great for creating suspense. It's a rather generic track that can work in many settings.


 Ambient Environments - Mage Tower
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.37

Mage Tower

*version 2.0

In this cold, tall tower, stretching high above the clouds, many casters take their station in order to better themselves at their craft. The air is energized with the power of many generations. The display of light works that hover above the main chamber are awe inspiring. No doubt cast by a highly ranked magic user who was bored one day. This would be a strange place to be for a mundane. "You're a mundane?", someone mutters, "Then state your purpose or I'll turn you into ashes where you stand!" You look down to see a man-sized black circle on the floor, like burnt stone next to a campfire. I think he's serious.

Content:  A mysterious ambient background textures throughout that symbolize ...

 Ambient Environments - Nebula
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34


Drifting in space. That's what it feels like to listen to this soundscape. It's peaceful. Like listening to a soundtrack to Cosmos.

Content: Peaceful textures. Smooth ambient music. 

Uses: This is a pleasant musical soundscape for those times when you’re standing on the bridge of your space ship watching a nebula pass by or in the observation room during a romantic dinner watching a super nova explode, or that time when you’re getting busy with your green alien girlfriend that you can’t really bring home to mother…no really, you can’t cause there was a HUGE feud long ago between their people and our people and she just wouldn’t understand. It’s a generational thing. Meh, old people.  

 Ambient Environments - Nyarlathotep
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34


Nyarlathotep can be anything you can imagine and if you’ve ever met him you wouldn’t have imagined it was him. He’s elusive and manipulative and dangerous. If he enters your dreams you’ll never be the same.

Contents: Dark ambient textures and tones infused with fear and loss. Plenty of whispering voices from the beyond. This is one of my favorite "dark" soundscapes along with The Cult of Transcendence, The Dreams in the Witch House and Lurker at the Threshold. They are very dark. I feel the evil emanating from them. Listening with the lights out is not advised. Unless, of course, your intention is to creep your players out. Then by all means, listen to it with the lights out.


 Ambient Environments - Radioactive Wasteland
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Radioactive Wasteland

The wastes span endlessly before you. The green haze of radioactive waste rises slowly through the low hanging amber cloud of polluted substances in a nice gradient worthy of a beautiful Monet painting. That is, if it wasn’t so putrid. The air smells of sulfur and tastes of iron. If you took your gasmask off to inhale, the burning in your nostrils accompanied by an early gag reflex and choking sound would become your last breath. Pray the mutants kill you before the “air” takes hold of you. Suffocating on methane and whatever else is floating around out there is no way to go.

Content: A great landscape of ambient textures that supports a dreadful hopelessness needed for a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


 Ambient Environments - Reckoning
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34


This new track is quite different from anything else. It's got an old western town flare with guitar bending notes as if anytime a gun fighter will step out into the open to defend his name, or his gold, and maybe even his wife. 

Here are his comments after hearing the track: "I can feel the wonder and freedom of this vast, open sky over this small cow town as sunset approaches, and there's the vaguest sense offoreboding and dread carried on the trail dust in the air."

Enjoy! ~Ambient Environments

Content: A nice twangy (but tasteful) steel guitar, dobro feel. A few sound effects, but very subtle. If you want another version of this soundscape that features old west gun fire accompanied by this music, check out our other...

 Ambient Environments - Sabotage
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34


The download is taking too long, the alarm has been triggered and you're running out of time. Hopefully other members of your team can delay the inevitable. But they can only hold off the suits for so long so you better put a fire under your ass and get it moving or the drek is gonna hit'll hit something that's all I know.

Content: This track embodies two things. A stealthy rhythm with a steady beat and a lonely melody to go with the loner in you. It’s a bit different from the other tracks and a lot the same. If it does one thing right, it gives your hero or antihero a nice theme. 

Uses: Perfect to accompany any tense moment in a sci-fi or modern setting.

Settings: Modern, Mood Music


 Ambient Environments - Syndicate
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34


You've pissed off the wrong people. This time it's bad. They're coming and you're running. Just when you think you've lost them, you turn around and here come those guys in dark suits and dark glasses again. They're unwavering.

Content: Music that invokes tension.

Uses: Perfect for when you’ve gotten yourself into trouble and it’s nearly bigger than you can handle.

Settings: Sci-Fi, Modern, Mood Music

Time - 10:00 min


 Ambient Environments - Temple of Dread
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Temple of Dread

The temple of dread ruins seemed so inviting from the brochure (a map you stole from some unworthy Kobold)--that you decided to vacation there this year only to realize it was nowhere on the map. So you hunted down your friend and he found a friend of a friend who knew where it was "rumored" to be. Of course, they all wanted to go with you so off you went. Sure enough the temple was there...kinda. 

Content: Ambient drones with a feel of mystery and a light musical accompaniment.  

Uses: Though created with a temple type setting in mind, this ambient music can be used for any setting. There’s a consistent rumble underneath that implicates a feeling of dread.

Settings: Horror, Fantasy, M...

 Ambient Environments - The Dreams in the Witch House
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

The Dreams in the Witch House 

Nyarlathotep, “the Black Man”, is here haunting your dreams in the house that once belonged to notorious witch, Keziah Mason. Here, the Crawling Chaos will take you over. He is in control of everything you do. There is no fleeing. Let go and be free.  

Contents: A whispery atmosphere. Talking demonic voices. Creepy and eerie textures. People chanting in an unknown language. This is one of my favorite "dark" soundscapes along with The Cult of Transcendence, Nyarlathotep and Lurker at the Threshold. They are very dark. I feel the evil emanating from them. Listening with the lights out is not advised. Unless, of course, your intention is to creep your players out. Then by a...

 Ambient Environments - The Hidden
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

The Hidden

This track is hard to describe. It's akin to the "safe room" music from Resident Evil if you're familiar with it. It's great to use when your playersare investigating, searching, or loitering somewhere where something is bound to happen. The tension is built in, all you have to do is what you do best; provide the story. Works for any genre. There's a lot of mystery in this soundscape along with a hautning piano-esque melody that hovers in the background. Perfect for when your party is about to find trouble.

Content: Music with piano and dark ambient textures.

Uses: Perfect for setting the mood for an investigation or something similar.

Settings: Horror, Modern, Mood Music, Ambient

Time - 10:00 m...

 Ambient Environments - The Lurker at the Threshold
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

The Lurker at the Threshold

This is the name given to Yog-Sothoth in August Darleth and H.P. Lovcraft’s novel of the same title. He is a cosmic entity, an Outer God that is coterminous with all time and space yet locked outside of the universe we inhabit.” Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread.”—H. P. Lovecraft, "The Dunwich Horror"

Contents: Ominous tones of horror. On occasional “heartbeat&r...

 Ambient Environments - The Streets of Seattle 2072
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

The Streets of Seattle

This is the theme song for your future city. You’ll hear futuristic vehicles, hover craft and choppers heading to the city as you watch it burn. You can even smell the burning tires at times as the riots carry you into this glorious overcrowded and corrupt metropolis. So go ahead, what you waiting for? The streets are ready for you. Just bring your good pistol and an extra clip and you’ll be solid. And don’t forget the bulletproof vest and the extra nades and that rocket launcher and….you get the picture. You can never be too prepared. 

Content: A musical soundscape with some riot-like sound effects in the background. Choppers and other craft fly overhead as well. It's as if you're sitting on a hill ...

 Ambient Environments - Tomb of the Ancients
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $1.34

Tomb of the Ancients

Dark and ominous ambient drone with a low rumble and some minor musical additions. Created to represent impending doom with a claustrophobic feel.  If you have a subwoofer on your sound system, you’ll definitely feel this one.

Content: Subtle ambient textures. No sound effects in this one but it works as a background piece.

Uses: Perfect to embed a "creepy vibe" to any setting.

Settings: Fantasy, Horror, Ambient

Time - 10:00 min


 Ambient Environments - Virtual World
 Regular price: $1.49
 Bundle price: $37.25

Virtual World

This track can definitely be described as a “soundscape”. When I listen to it I always imagine floating through cyberspace in the movie Tron or Tron II. It’s a great background for this type of setting complete with vibrating nodes, brightly lit information highways and a massive CPU ready to hack into. But beware! There’s sure to be some hefty security ahead and that familiar Black ICE guarding your path.

Content: Ambient textures suggestive of a high tech setting. Think of "The Matrix" and this fits perfectly.

Uses: Perfect for a virtual backdrop. Could work for many sci-fi settings.

Settings: Sci-Fi, Ambient

Time - 10:00 min


Total value: $33.53 Special bundle price: $44.40 Savings of: $3.72 (10%)
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