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5e x 5 OGL SRD
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5e x 5 OGL SRD

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5e x 5 OGL SRD

These are minimally formatted, not illustrated, single column set of five PDF ebooks. Text only.

We are fans of d100 games.

However, there is basically only one major Open Gaming License (OGL) d100 game that is available to help create new d100 games.

So, what is the easiest way to turn 5e into a d100 stat/skill game? Multiply it by five.

Hence, this converted system we call 5e x 5.

We do preserve the combat damage and hitpoint system - which is more compatible with the other d100 systems.

Having converted the attributes, skills, and saves with the remaining time until Oct 31 deadline we added a few more OGL sources to help expand this d100 conversion. It has some PRD, 3.5e SRD, and a few other OGL sources converted to d100 mixed in.

Included are:

5e x 5 Characters PDF 224p

5e x 5 Spells PDF 231p

5e x 5 Equipment and Treasures PDF 158p

5e x 5 Combat and Conditions PDF 55p

5e x 5 Monsters PDF 408p

If you like our efforts and want to seem more conversions to d100, please contribute via Pay What You Want (PWYW) or consider one of our other RPGNow products available now listed below.

Two-Column Version also now available for $1 ea

Two-column formated Bundle set available for $4

5e x 5 Fantasy Core Set (d100) [BUNDLE]

also available

Modern Equipment




Core Books (two column versions available)

Spells has a background scroll version.

Characters has some border background graphics.

These current versions do not have any other images.

Monster book version choices


This is our one-column raw text with minimal formatting.

B. Two-column

This version was our first upgrade which uses a combination of narrower margins and two-columns to compact the text significantly. There are neither illustrations nor artwork.

C. Commercially available art

This version uses commercially available art Peter found from several sources. Because of this, you may see art pieces found in other works. It uses creative commons, clip art, and public domain art.

D. Co-author Art version

It has all the features of the previous version with art found by Peter and also includes art by Ken of monsters that were not chosen or available with the commercially available art. Those pieces make this product a more unique version of the monster book.

In addition, depending on the demand for this version, new paintings may be added in the future.

Feature Chart



Two- Column ($1)

Commercially available art ($5)

Available 4-14-17

Co-author Art ($6)

Single column


Standard margins


Double column, more compact




Narrow margins






60+ CC-SA, Public Domain, Clip Art



10+ Co-author Art


Art may expand


The d20 into d100 conversion project

In this project, we sought to increase the available d100 OGL content. This converts an alternative core that can be used by those that like rolling two ten sided dice for their RPG gaming.

Our method was to change SRDv5.1, a few d20 OGL sources, some PRD, and a little SRDv3.5 from ability scores, skills, and saves that are d20 based (from values 1 to 30 into values 1 to 150), bonuses that are d20 based (from values -5 to +10 into values -25 to +50), and while preserving the multiple sided damage and hit points system. thousands of numbers were converted.

Companion Books

Prior Version

The PWYW version of 5e x 5 OGL SRD which contains all five books with only minimal format. try it first and then upgrade for additional convenience and speed.

5e x 5 OGL SRD - no formatting, minimal layout, no illustrations

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Discussions (23)
Customer avatar
ken W February 13, 2017 9:48 pm UTC
Next planned to go live will be the 5e x 5 Future Mecha.

Welcome all those that purchased the entire two column core set and now qualify for early access and discount which I call 5x5 RC (rules conversion; turning d20 into d100)

For those that have qualified for 5x5 - RC (buying or contributing $4 or more to 5e x 5 products) , this is your one time early access to 5e x 5 Future Mecha if you use the 30% discount code and purchase it for $0.70 instead of the regular $1. For the others, it will not be available for at least 1 week or more depending on how long it takes to finish it up. At least one or more update is planned for the book. The address to the discount is shown below and is has qualified accounts up to this day, keyed in to the discount.

Those that contributed to November's Future fund raising contribution,

5e x 5 Future...See more
Customer avatar
ken W January 28, 2017 11:36 pm UTC
For those that contributed during November to Future Equipment, here is your code giving you your free access to your book.

For those that currently purchased 5e x 5 core later, here is your current 5x5 - RC contributor tier early access and 30% discount code. This book adds laser, plasma, gravity, energy weapons and other future gear that can be added on top of the 5e x 5 core rules (fantasy). It is build two column similar to the fantasy Equipment & Treasures book.

If you are not a 5x5 - RC contributor, it will be available for $1 sometime in the future.


Ken For those that contributed during November to Future Equipment, here is your code giving you your free access to your book.

For those that currently purchased 5e x 5 core later, here is...See more
Customer avatar
ken W January 15, 2017 9:43 pm UTC
Modern Equipment will soon go live.

For those that contributed to it in November, I have sent out an email giving access to the two column book. This new file will be separate from the other modern books and will be the one to be updated now and in the future.

thank you contributors.

Customer avatar
ken W December 12, 2016 11:50 pm UTC
$4, 5e x 5 Fantasy Set (d100)

The bundle page

Any of you that upgrade will be eligable for not yet available content, early access, reduced prices, and other insider stuff. I put your account on the $4 or more account access for 5e x 5 related stuff.

Free access to accounts that qualify

Here is access to Nov contributors that hadn't claimed your free access and those that bought any four books. I added account access to only those books that my records show remain unclaimed or missing. Check your My Library for current access books and future updates.

All five two-column versions of the books are now available fore $1 ea. The bundle is priced at $4 for the set. Or you can piece select which books you want in the more compact format.

Here is final access to contributors and/or buy-four-get-fifth free

5e x 5 Characters (two-column) 129 pgs, more
Customer avatar
ken W December 09, 2016 5:58 pm UTC
Characters, Spells, and Monsters in two-column format are now available for $1. Spells has a parchment version that has a parchment background as well as the plain version. Tomorrow I'll release E&T. Sunday C&C. Then Monday the bundle for $4. If you want to prepay for the bundle, anyone that contributes $4 or more to the PWYW up until that time will receive a discount making available all 5 books on Monday. Monday I'll make 5 more discounts making all the books available to those new contributors and any Nov contributors that may have not yet received their copy.

5e x 5 Ezine #1 hopefully will be out Wed, which has blog articles by Peter and myself. A gift may be attached to contributors of $1 or more, such as more fantasy weapons and equipment on a page or more, depending on how many contribute to it.

5e x 5 Modern and Future is progressing thanks to all you contributors.

I'm analyzing and trying to create a structure for a hybrid converting Psionic and/or Psychic...See more
Customer avatar
ken W December 07, 2016 9:03 pm UTC
Contributor Access and New 5e x 5 Ezine #1 coming hopefully next Wed

Here is Novembers contributor full access to all five books. I gave access to Monsters and Spells last week. The other three are below. All five are being released to the public this week, but you have full free access as a gift for your prior 5e x 5 contribution(s).

I gave these out last week, if you haven't used them yet. If you have then they wont work since you already used it and should be in your Library.

5e x 5 Monsters
5e x 5 Spells

These are new today and include the final three books.

5e x 5 Characters
5e x 5 Equipment & Treasures
5e x 5 Combat & Conditions

Thank...See more
Customer avatar
ken W December 07, 2016 9:01 pm UTC
We will try releasing one book of each 5e x 5 OGL SRD with two-column formatting each day from now until Sunday available for everyone.

How much money raised from this version will determine whether or not we go further formatting the SRD for printing or other formats.

The plan is :

Wed 7 Dec, 5e x 5 Monsters 256 pgs (original 408 pgs)

Thurs Dec 8, 5e x 5 Spells 123 pgs (original 231 pgs)

Dec 9, 5e x 5 Characters 129 pgs (original 224 pgs)

Dec 10, 5e x 5 Equipment & Treasures 93 pgs (original 158 pgs)

Dec 11 5e x 5 Combat & Conditions 43 pags (original 55 pgs)

And then on Monday to release a bundle for $4 including all 5 two-column books

Dec 12 Complete 5 book Bundle.
Customer avatar
ken W December 01, 2016 8:05 pm UTC
Thank you, to all those that downloaded and especially those that contributed to the 5e x 5 d20 to d100 conversion project in this first month of open access.

Updated 5e x 5 Future Characters v1.01 has the newly converted Mutations, which could probably be used in a superhero type game as well as future genre. Mecha is only a quarter the way worked and not yet included.

Here is the early access links giving access to those who contributed in the final few days, as well as some new access to formatted versions of fantasy set.

1) 5e x 5 Modern (set) currently includes 5e x 5 Modern Equipment V1.03 and 5e x 5 Modern Characters V1.0 . Psionics is only in it's early stages - three organized lists on a spreadsheet and my first attempt at telepathy cantrip in a .doc document.

2) 5e x 5 Future (set) currently includes 5e x 5 Future Equipment 01, 5e x 5 Future Characters v1.01, 5e x 5 Future...See more
Customer avatar
ken W December 01, 2016 12:43 am UTC
Just hours remaining to gain the contribution gifts! The offers will be taken down in less than 6 hours CST. Later Dec 1st the access links will be posted for 5e x 5 Future (set) early access, 5e x 5 Modern (set) early access, 5e x 5 Spells (two-column version), and 5e x 5 Monsters (two-column version) for all contributors that have satisfied the offer. I'll send out a mass email for those that have that option available in your account settings and post the access links here as well. The links will only work for accounts that I key in, that contributed.

For 5e x 5 non-contributors, 5e x 5 Modern and 5e x 5 Future will be available sometime next year.
Customer avatar
ken W November 25, 2016 8:07 pm UTC
To let everyone know of the future plans:
December will be focused on error updates for the fantasy core and developmental additions to modern & future.

For modern & fantasy, I'm working with the Psionics material which requires both a version change and numerical conversion. "Fighter in the Here and Now contributors" and higher that receive the Modern gift will see that first draft version.

For future mecha & mecha equipment and character mutations (a form of traits & flaws) are in the works at the moment. "Wizard From the Future contributors" and higher that receive the Future gift will see those first drafts as well.

All of the early access contributors will gain access to 5e x 5 Modern and 5e x 5 Future v1.0 material as soon as I finish the first conversion. I normally send out update emails for fantasy, modern, and future updates currently on a weekly basis as soon as the latest updates are uploaded. As time goes by and the...See more
Customer avatar
ken W November 23, 2016 10:15 pm UTC
Recent contribution access for modern and future is now ready. If you have contributed the contribution amounts to the game and haven't yet accessed your gifts click or copy-paste these to receive your access to the files. These are inputed with the accounts # so they will only work for specific accounts.

5e x 5 Modern

5e x 5 Future

They include access to

5e x 5 Modern Equipment 66pg and 5e x 5 Modern Characters (19 Backgrounds) 18pg

Don't just use a bow or crossbow to fight that zombie or orc. Pull out a .45 caliber pistol, or heft a .50 caliber assault rifle, machine gun, shotgun, or missile launcher. Toss grenades! Bring cellphones, computers, smartphones, and laptops to your campaign. Modern living costs, occupation salaries, and entertainment costs as well using the Cost DC system (US$ equivalents chart shown, though any monitary...See more
Customer avatar
Stephen Z November 25, 2016 2:19 pm UTC
I originally downloaded 5ex5 for free to try it out. After I received the e-mail about early Modern and Future access, I then purchased 5ex5 for $5 in order to get a look at Modern and Future.


Do I need a new e-mail with links that reflect the fact that I have now paid for 5ex5, or did I misread the e-mail? I thought it said that I still had until November 30 to buy 5ex5 in order to receive Modern and Future early access. Perhaps I was mistaken.

Thank you for your time and effort in this d100 version of D&D 5e, as well as for clarification on this issue.

Stephen G. Zoldi
Customer avatar
ken W November 25, 2016 7:40 pm UTC
Here's two that included contributions since that last announcement or any unclaimed from the prior announcements.

Unclaimed Gift access as of Nov 25 at the time of this posting.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for contributing $5 after trying it out.

I have to input the account numbers manually listed and create a discount ticket links. Yours is entered on these two new links, but not on any of the prior ones since they didn't have your account number entered before this time.

For contributors between now and Nov 30 midnight, I'll create the final one the after the deadline on Thurs Dec 1, so that everyone is included.

Thank you again

Customer avatar
ken W November 17, 2016 10:06 pm UTC
Several updates to all three types of products:

5e x 5 Core (Fantasy) has an updated Monsters V1.02 PDF. There is a new list called Monsters CR & Terrain V1.0 PDF which can be used to find level and setting appropriate monsters. Also there is an updated Equipment & Treasures V1.01 PDF.

For 5e x 5 Modern has an updated Equipment V1.03 PDF.

For 5e x 5 Future has the new addition Robots V1.0 PDF.

Cybernetics conversion might be the easiest to do next. Either that or Mecha.

Check your "My Library" under each of the three products for the updates.
Customer avatar
ken W November 11, 2016 5:50 pm UTC
A 5e x 5 Future Equipment Update: Check your 'My Library'.

A separate 5e x 5 Future Characters which has converted 8 character backgrounds has been added to the 5e x 5 Future Equipment Folder for those that contributed.

One week since original release we've released the converted Modern Equipment, Future Equipment, updated half of Monsters with more text, corrected errors, and modified the game to create Technology, Expertise, and Vehicle skills.

I hope to have the back half of Monsters text entered and for the Future sections Robots, Cybernetics, and Mecha ahead,
Customer avatar
ken W November 10, 2016 10:14 pm UTC
Several Updates: Check your 'My Library'.

Two Fantasy book updates - 5e x 5 Characters and 5e x 5 Monsters have updated versions.

Two Modern book updates - For 5e x 5 Modern Equipment has skill updates, and there is a new Characters book which has modern Backgrounds.

Future Robots is still being worked on for 5e x 5 Future
Customer avatar
ken W November 07, 2016 8:31 pm UTC
Monsters book v 1.01 will be the first update coming up with new description text from 3.5e, environment, and organization information. Also some AC, saves, and noticeable stat corrections. The CR Hit Points chart will also be corrected.

A monster spreadsheet summary is also in the works which will help make encounter tables for major environments.
Customer avatar
ken W November 05, 2016 10:17 pm UTC
Let me know if you got the Future and/or Modern books. You can also contact me by email at
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