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Vermin (d-Infinity Live! Season 6, Episode 28)
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Vermin (d-Infinity Live! Season 6, Episode 28) (Audio-Produkte)

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Join co-hosts William T. Thrasher, Brendan Cass, Clint Staples, Amanda Kahl, and Michael O. Varhola for a lively and informative discussion about the role of Vermin in tabletop role-playing games! From arachnid swarms to giant insects to plague-bearing clouds of stinging horrors, we explore how to make the most out of Vermin in your scenarios. This title is pay-what-you want and the requested payment is 1 cent. 

Highlights of this episode include defining what Vermin are; describing our most creative uses of them in game sessions; revealing our most hated sorts of vermin and why that is the case; and explaining why to include them at all in adventures. 

You can watch the show right here, but downloads associated with this listing include an MP3 audio version that you can use to listen to it on mobiles devices and a PDF that includes a link to where it appears at d-Infinity Online game magazine, where you are also welcome to take part in the discussion on this episode, and to respond to existing comments or post ones of your own. This PDF document also includes links to a number of items relevant to this episode: 

* “Surprising Vermin Behavior” is a piece at d-Infinity Online game magazine by author Michael O. Varhola written from a game design perspective that looks at some of the more strange and unexpected things he has seen Vermin do.

* “Giant Dung Beetle” puts into d20 game terms at d-Infinity Online a horse-sized version of the most iconic sort of Egyptian vermin.

* “Ruin Mantis” is a piece at d-Infinity Online by game designer Clint Staples that puts into Runequest/Basic Roleplaying terms a powerful sort of vermin that frequents abandoned areas.

* A link that will allow you to download a copy of d-Infinity Volume #4: Dark Future for just 1 cent! This volume of the multi-platform game supplement includes, among other things, some vermin-like monsters that you can run up against your players. 


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You can check out all the issues of this great sci-fi mini-comic by artist KMO that are available on this site at the special Gebb section here! 

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Amanda K September 24, 2017 12:23 am UTC
Great episode! Lots of audience questions answered and major creep factor in this one.
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Michael V October 02, 2017 9:15 am UTC
You are right about all that, Amanda! It was kind of cool that everyone had very different perspectives and personal experiences to bring to the table. Obviously, I can understand why someone would be creeped out by things like scorpions and centipedes — the fact that they are more-or-less dangerous certainly being a factor — but I was kind of surprised to hear Clint talk about how much he was disturbed by moths!
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