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Humblebird's Lost Cities Generator
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Humblebird's Lost Cities Generator

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Amaze your friends and yourself with stories of once-mighty civilizations and how they fell, then tell your own stories as you pick through their ruins.

This generator provides you with ten different traits, informing important aspects of the city: what life was like in the city, what the buildings looked like, what strange features made it remarkable, what caused the city to be lost, and what remains of it. Traits are conceptual enough to work in any setting, but evocative enough to suggest a story by themselves.

Though the focus is on mythic lost cities, the taxonomy in the generator can also be useful for thinking about living cities. Use it to draw contrasts and parallels between various cities in your setting!

Wealthy to begin with, they became even wealthier when they discovered how to grow seed gems into animate crystal structures. Between their own buildings being alive and their vast array of imported gadgets, they were able to devote most of their energy to selecting and cutting the perfect seed gems.

Mining too greedily beneath their city, eventually the whole thing collapsed into a dangerous jumble of driverless machines and flailing crystal buildings. Here and there it's rumored that nearly finished crystal walkers lay inert within the ruins, waiting for someone to activate them, and of course countless seed gems were lost as well.


  • 116 traits in 8 tables, with billions of unique combinations

  • Fast 2d6 rolling

  • Descriptions for all 116 traits, separate from tables

  • System agnostic and setting flexible

  • "Junior" version with some slightly naughty language scrubbed is now available

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October 9th, 2018
I buy a lot of random generator tables, and I think this one is my favorite. It helps generate legitimately weird cultures, with unusual cultural structures and focuses that still somehow make sense and come together as a unified whole. While its int [...]
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