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Relationship Generator

Relationship Generator

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over-supportive parent, volunteer member, popular student, snarky friend  ...

This is already included in the new Character Mechanisms book of 15+1 tools. This is the sold separately version for those that did not purchase the 58 page PDF or prefer to have separate files.

This is intended to be a paid upgrade to work with Character Generator most directly.

This table shows with twelve types of relationships for each circle of friendship including  love interest (spouse), parent, offspring, extended family, friend, merchant, education, belief (religion), activist, work, service, and membership. It generates archetype-like results and also includes shadow, stranger, and darkness columns.

It refers to personality types found in Character Generator, Behavior Engine and Dialogue Engine.

This is a flexible relationship generator that is meant to aid or take the place of a Gamemaster (GM) for adding single relationships or relationship trees. It may also be used as a list of ideas.

A 12x12 table optimized for 1d12 but with results for 2D6, 1D20, 3D6, and D100 (percentile) systems is included. It makes it a versatile description generating engine.

The keywords are meant to help trigger thoughtful and inspirational ideas. Its generic enough for any genre.

Included are a total 144+ relationships in the entire table.

2 pages: It's first page is the image shown on the cover thumbnail —  the instructions and example — and the second page is the chart turned longways 144 results.

This differs from the fact generator in that the results are completely focused on relationships rather than including other sensory or cognitive results. 

Download the Fact Generator to use as a preview of this chart. I use the same chart with different results listed.

The Generator Chart Series

For all the character related material try the 15+1 tools all-in-one Character Mechanisms.

To buy the 15 tools separately, rather than the all-in-one the Character Mechanisms book, at 30% off try a Character Tools bundle

For the most popular generator charts try the Flash RPG Expanded bundle. 

For 21 of the generators and engines conveniently bundled, starting from the solo game engine down to the foe generator try the 21 Game Generator and Engine Tools Bundle.

First Series

Solo Game Engine - This system uses Yes, Maybe, and No type answers expanding the traditional solo game system by adding branching and conditional answers. This is a flexible solo game engine that is meant to take the place of a Gamemaster (GM) for answering questions or finding the results of modified rolls. A chart with results for 1D6, 1d8, Fate, Fudge, 1D10, 1D12, 2D6, 3D6, 1D20, 4D6 JAGS, and 1D100 systems is included. It makes it a versatile game engine.

Fact Generator - this focuses on 144 results focusing on sensory and process data

Description Generator -  focuses on description of objects or things using 11 categories of adjectives

Character Generator - focuses on generating a description of uses nine possible personalities, stat archetypes, encounter types, virtues, vices, and types of quirks on two charts 

Motivation Generator - lists 144 character motivations based on the hierarchy of needs, morality system, defense mechanism, and personality temperament.

Plot Generator - 144 plot keywords based on 12 main sets of plots

Bundle 1 Solo RPG Tools bundle contains Fact Generator, Description Generator, Character Generator [premium], Plot Generator, Motivation Generator, and the Solo Game Engine at 30% off

Sold Separately Character Generator D20 Version

Second series

Theme Generator - 144 sets of keywords (over 288 keywords) which can be used to find a theme or subject of a scene, session, story, or overarching story.

Mood-Emotion Generator - focuses on 12 categories of emotions or mood: joy, expectation, sadness, confusion, anger, courage, caring, fear, guilty, strong, hurt, and weak. 12 words detail the degree and specify the emotion or mood within each category

Outdoor Setting Generator - focuses on descriptions of locations or places. This includes biomes, weather, soil types, sparcity, and size.

Indoor Setting Generator focuses on descriptions of rooms and interior locations. This includes rooms types, sizes, adjectives describing rooms, and material found in or used in the construction of the room.

Bundle 2 - Theme Generator, Mood-Emotion Generator, Outdoor Setting Generator, and Indoor Setting Generator at 30% off

Third Series

Animal Generator - focuses on the movement, behavior, attacks, defense, abilities, and living situation and survival features of a real, earth-like, mythical, folklore, made-up or similar alien animals

Knowledge Generator - focuses on mental and studied knowledge fields such as science, philosophy, language, literature, military, agriculture, law, politics, religion, social science, and paranormal.

Sound Generator - focuses entirely on sounds and onomatoppoeia.

Body Language Generator - shows 12 emotion categories with 12 body language indicators for each category including eye, nose, face, jaw, mouth, eyebrow, forehead, hand, arm, leg, posture, movement, speed, voice, or gesture indicators based on American culture.

Flash RPG is a six-sided dice game intended for solo game play used to create flash fiction, adventure seeds, and background stories. These are extremely small stories. All of the details can be randomly generated or chosen intentionally by the player. The details will only hint at something more than is told in the fiction.

Bundle 3 Animal Generator, Body Language Generator, Knowledge Generator, Sound Generator, and Flash RPG at 30% off

Fourth Series

Human Generatorshows 12 body categories with 12 body description indicators for each category including body shape, hair color, hair style & length, skin color, lip shape, height, facial hair, chest or breast size, eye color, brow shape, eye shape, and nose shape indicators based on worldwide human races.

Dream Generator shows 12 dream word categories with 12 dream word symbols for each category including animal, building/house, vehicle or mount, clothing, body part, color, number, insect, disaster, location, character, and relation words.

Dialogue Engine - This dialogue engine helps create dialogue topics, voice qualities, and personality-based dialogue styles for games and stories. This dialogue engine takes into acount 3 moods, 9 personality types, 3 mindsets, and 7 vocal qualities using six-sided dice. It uses the Character Generator, Fact Generator, Motivation Generator, Plot Generator, and Flash RPG. It can also use the Body Language Generator to add non-verbal body language.

This dialogue engine requires the Character Generator for personality or vice/virtue influence, the Fact Generator for casual conversation, the Flash RPG and/or the Plot Generator for conflict topic conversation, and the Motivation Generator for motive influence. Optional is the Body Language Generator to add non-verbal body language to the conversation.

A Dialogue Engine bundle is available to get all of the required text at 30% savings. It includes the Dialogue Engine, the Character Generator, the Fact Generator, the Flash RPG, the Plot Generator, the Body Language Generator, and the Motivation Generator

Modifier Generator - shows modifier categories with 12 or more modifiers for each category including degree, time, contrast, unity, manner, cause-and-effect, and place words.

Career Generator - shows most career categories with one to twelve or more careers/classes for each category including information, sports, wealth, philosophy, home, health, psychology, paranormal, religion, history, geography, anthropology, business, social science, politics, law, music, fine arts, art, language, literature, science, medicineg, agriculture, technology, and military.

Bundle 4 - Dialogue Engine, Human Generator, Career Generator, Dream Generator, and Modifier Generator at 30% off

Fifth Series

Foe Generator This table shows threats with twelve foes for each category including vs monster, vs creature, vs natural disaster, vs ND & epidemics, vs supernatural, vs paranormal, vs enemy personality, vs enemy career, vs society, vs self, vs technology weapons, and vs technology issues. These categories are expanded from the six found in Flash RPG into 144. It refers to enemy personality types found in Character Generator and Flash RPG. It refers to enemy careers found in Career Generator. It refers to other tables as well more indirectly.

At this point most of the tables and engine ebooks are bundled into the 21 book bundle.

For 21 of the generators and engines conveniently bundled, starting from the solo game engine down to the foe generator try the 21 Game Generator and Engine Tools Bundle.

Character Communicator - This table shows categorized by archetype or primary stat with twelve functions of communications for each category including summarize, persuade, argue, imagine, advise, instruct, inform, direct, describe, motivate, analyze, and explain.

Character Behavior Engine - Characters behave and react to stimulus which may be found in the behavior engine. This behavior engine helps create behavior styles for games and stories. This behavior engine takes into account 9 personality types, 3 mindsets, 9 stat archetypes, 9 virtues, and 9 vices. It can use the Dialogue Generator, Motivation Generator, and Character Communicator primarily.

Relationship Generator - This table shows with twelve types of relationships for each circle of friendship including  love interest (spouse), parent, offspring, extended family, friend, merchant, education, belief (religion), activist, work, service, and membership. It generates archetype-like results and also includes shadow, stranger, and darkness columns.

Twist GeneratorThis table shows with six types of reversals: identity, motive, perception, fortune, role, and fulfillment. The reversal twists are also cross-referenced with 6 questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Bundle 5 - contains the Foe Generator, Character Communicator, Behavior Engine, Relationship Generator, and Twist Generator all for 30% off regular price. 

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