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Tales of Horror [BUNDLE]

Tales of Horror [BUNDLE]

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This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Into the Gates of Hell
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The first adventure of this series is, “The Cat and the Dragon”. The bundle is on UKG's publisher page! Into the Gates of Hell now features gate connections to three other Hanan Pacha adventures: Lair of the Demon Princess; Beyond the Black Door and The Inn of Limbus. Also included is the new work: Gate Connections, which has a graphic that shows all of the above gate connections.

Into the Gates of Hell: take your adventurers on a quest to find the keys to nine gates that intersect with the infernal regions. Battle devils and a host of other monsters that lurk in this place of darkness and evil. These magical gates may or may not be open. Co...

The Dead of Winter (at Bearhamer Hall)
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Black Death Publishing presents a horror adventure set in the cold, snowy mountains of Hanan Pacha. The Grand Caldera Mountains are a dangerous place at any time of the year, but especially during the Dead of Winter at Bearhammer Hall.

Rumor has it that the ancient gods, called 'Titans', sleep in these lands. Their offspring, the true giants, prowl these high places guarding the treasure left behind by their creators. An undead ettin (Wokrah), commands undead goblins who are terrorizing the forest plateau. Wokrah's master, a mysterious, evil wizard is trying to acquire an undead army.

This is a medium length adventure that is the third in a series that ...

The Horror of the Old Ones
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 Watermarked PDF

A d20 Fantasy / Horror adventure for 10th level charactersIn the dying port town of Onuago, troubles deeper than the recent economic decline loom over the horizon. Baron Stieglitz has locked himself in his castle to the northeast and his captains vie for control of his lands. Children have been born with strange deformities. A mysterious cult has corrupted the priest of the logging town to the northwest. And beneath the rocky island in the bay a horror beyond imagining slumbers as though dead, dreaming of destruction and of the void.

The Horror of the Old Ones is a site based, event-driven d20 fantasy adventure with elements of horror for 10th level characters.

This multi-part adventure is inspired by the work of H.P...

The White Death Album (A Dozen Deadly Encounters)
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 Watermarked PDF
Do you need special encounters to add spice to your gaming experience? This is the updated version with new and updated encounters. This is no longer a 'promo'.

Come and explore the demi-plane, see the sights, meet the monsters, gamble on the gates and deliver the innocent from evil!

12 possible encounters (EL 7-16) in 7 scenarios.

Warning: this collection of encounters is not for the faint of heart!



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August 13th, 2009
All of the products in this bundle are of good quality, easy to use in gaming situations and have interesting stories behind them. Each product has a unique concept that sets it apart from the others. All of the authors, artists and editors have put a [...]
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