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Map! Creek Camp
by Phil W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/29/2018 12:37:36

The product consists of a single map with three variations and in several formats:

  • An 11 page PDF (including cover) with all of the map images inside sized to fit within the printable area of an 8-1/2 x 11 page
  • A zip file containing ten 100 DPI PNG files matching those in the PDF. These are referred to as Digital Friendly for virtual tabletop (VTT) use.
  • A second zip file containing the same images at 300 DPI which are described as Printer Friendly.

The map comes in three variations. Each in 3 grid styles (none, square, hex):

  • Terrain - no structures.
  • Encampment - Three teepees in the SW corner.
  • Forest Camp - Twenty teepees in several groups across the map.

A 10th image with no grid but all twenty teepees numbered is also supplied in the PDF as well as with the 100 & 300 DPI PNG files.

The map itself is fairly large in terms of the area it covers. On the versions with square grids, there are 47x61 full 5-foot squares or 235x305 feet. About half-again the area of a football field. The drawing style is clean and uncluttered with sufficient shading and texture to make the map interesting without being too busy. On the maps with grids, the artist has placed the grid on top of the grass and water but under the trees and cliffs. This gives it more depth and makes the grid less distracting.

No map scale is provided on the images themselves. The product description says the images with square grids are 5 feet/grid. A standard size among RPGs. Unfortunately, the hex grid is sized at 5 feet per hex side. This is contrary to normal hex usage in games where hexes are defined by the distance between faces which is also the distance from one hex center to another. This produced hexes that are an awkward 8.66 feet across or it would if the hexes were rendered correctly. However, the hex grids are stretched vertically and this is most likely from being drawn to fit inside of a square.

The 300 DPI images have a 54-pixel square grid which is actually a decent size for VTT use. Nowadays a lot of content for VTTs is being produced at 100 pixels/grid or higher but 54 is still very usable. Though described as Printer Friendly these are best used in in a VTT. If printed on an 8-1/2 x 11 page the map scale would be ~28 feet per inch. Not something you can use figures on. The one other issue with these 300 DPI images is the use of a screentone for the shadows. For the intended print use, these are fine but they look quite odd when used in a VTT.

The 100 DPI images are scaled down versions of the 300 DPI images and end up 18 pixels per 5 map feet. Very low resolution for VTT content and not really usable for a tactical map that you would move combatants on but could be used for illustrative purposes. Stick with the 300 DPI images for VTT use.

No documentation or product description comes with the product in the PDF or otherwise. A page in the PDF with the product description, a link to the artist's blog page and a copyright notice would be a good idea. It's a map so its general purpose is somewhat a given but the intended gaming use for the map isn't clear. As a single, printed, letter-sized sheet the map scale is too large to use with figures. For games played without figures or tactical maps, it may be fine. The 300 DPI PNG files will work fine in most VTTs that allow you to adjust the applications grid size to match that of the images.

While I quite like the style of the map, I am confused somewhat by the map scale choice. Is it meant to be used as a tactical map to play out an encounter or is it just an illustration? The 300 DPI PNG image will work well for me in my VTT program and that is how I will use it. The unusable hex grid is disappointing but worked around by using the built-in grid overlay of MapTool (or other VTT) or a correct grid could be added in a graphics program like GIMP.

Overall a decent and usable map but loses a couple points for the odd grid sizes, unusable hex grid and lack of polish as a product. As a Pay-What-You-Want product, it is a definite bargain which is why I give it 4 stars intead of 3.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Map! Creek Camp
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Creator Reply:
Wow Phil, thank you for that review and all the thoughtful suggestions! I've finished Map! Fief Bend with similar sizes. I'll certainly look into revising the scale for hexes and keep in mind the other suggestions, going forward. I really appreciate this review.
Map! Swamp Dock
by Lori F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/11/2017 09:23:34

Hey, these are pretty good. I recently picked Death Frost Doom (lotfp) and needed a village to place below the mountain on the cheap. After all, the undead need somewhere to be unleashed upon!


[5 of 5 Stars!]
Map! Swamp Dock
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Creator Reply:
Thank you! I'm glad they'll find some use in your game.
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