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Drama and Dancing
by Melanie S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/30/2019 01:03:26

I played this at Kublacon 2019. Although my poor character ended in true Victorian tragedy, I as a player had an absolute blast!! Highly recommend this, totally replayable!

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Drama and Dancing
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Drama and Dancing
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/29/2019 02:26:05

I played this at KublaCon 2017, and picked up a copy afterwards. I was tentative about it because of Georgian dancing wasn't a draw for me, although I love Jane Austen.

The larp was very engaging. It pulls players in to creatively generate secrets and relationships between the characters. Pulling off the dancing is tricky for a larp coordinator, but very rewarding - even from a skeptic. A key revelation for me was that these are not necessarily dances that the characters know well. They are cultured, but the particular dances called for might be new for them, so mistakes can be in character. Mistakes are an opportunity for role-play, with apologies and commentary.

The 12 main characters are eligible young ladies and gentlemen of the town of Candleford Green, plus the option of having some non-detailed NPCs as more elderly family members who do not dance. The archetypes are easily recognizable from Austen novels, and each has an internal conflict. The main action is matchmaking and gossip about such, though there are also financial issues (an important part of matchmaking) plus the secrets generated.

The structure of the larp is workshopping, followed by four sessions of open roleplay mixed in between the four dances. The game ends at the end of the fourth dance. Breaking this up, and the asking of partners for the next dance gives a definite sense of progression and structure to the action.

I think for anyone who is a fan of Jane Austen, and who might conceivably get 12 players to come together for this game, it will be a great experience.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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