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EZ Space
by Ralph C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/16/2018 22:53:25

EZ Space could use more than a bit of editing. There are misused words and spots where the layout is rather sloppy. Reminds me of the old days of RPG's, before word processors.

It presents some elements of a setting, but not nearly enough to run a campaign without considerable work on the part of the GM. Also, it doesn't have much of an old 50's science fiction story or movie feel to it. The technology often seems more Star Trek The Next Generation in a retro box than Forbidden Planet or Destination Moon.

The setting does have Nazis and Communists for the players to butt heads with, just as vile as they always were and now with saucers and spaceships.

The few included adventure seeds are quite usable. One's more horror than space exploration, but it's good horror though incredibly gross.

There is a simple RPG system included at the end of the book. It's a percentage system, usable but nothing special. Probably would have been better to include more setting info.

Warnings #1

To all people of Faith, any Faith, prepare to be offended. The author makes no attempt to hide a complete contempt for people who believe in 'their imaginary friend in the sky'. In this future, religion has all but died out on Earth due to contact with alien beings. The religious have moved to their own, no doubt backwards, planets. Really? Don't know about anyone else, but my beliefs wouldn't be shattered or even mildly shaken by discovering other intelligent life exists in the universe. Neither of us is going to change the other's mind, so why don't we all practice a bit of polite tolerance. Really, just for purely selfish reasons you might want to practice a little civility rather than insulting buyers and potential buyers of your products.

Warning #2:

To everyone who doesn't have a rabid hate of Ronald Reagan. In this setting he was assassinated in his first term. Come on dude, the man is dead. Get over it. No one not in the Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot league of mass murders deserves this much hate. For your own mental health, if not for common decency, move on.

Ah well. I hope this was of some help to prospective buyers.

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EZ Space
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Creator Reply:
First I would like to point out this was written in the early 2000s, NOT 2018. It was also written by Richard Tucholka with a tongue in cheek mindset based on his love of the B sci fi movies he grew up with in the 50s. All we did was arrange to have it made Print on Demand. It is as he wrote it. It is not a newly written book, it is a printable version of a standard book Richard wrote over a decade before his death in 2017. I accept you have opinions of the content, but Richard never meant to be taken seriously. If you have read any of his other RPGs you would already know that Richard had a general attitude about religion and politics. He attempted to make fun of everything in life and saw no reason not to include religion and politics as targets of his quirky sense of humor. BTW he also didn't have a rabid hatred of Reagan, he just wrote an alternative history where Reagan didn't make it when he was shot by Hinkley. This is a writing style used by most all alternative history writers, they pick a memorable event and change the outcome. I did not share the same religious point of view as Richard but I didn't feel offended or insulted because he chose to write the way he did. I always felt the 1st amendment was there for a reason, and he had the write to write what he wanted, and I had the choice to read or not to read what he wrote.
and I was tired when I replied. The 1st amendment sentence should have he had the Right to write, not write to write.
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