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Madman Protocol
by Philippe D. F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/10/2018 12:22:16

"Echo 6 to Delta 2, we got a bogey moving in your direction, whatcha gonna do? Delta 2 to Echo 6, grab the hole-making equipment from pages 9-21 and blast it down. Echo 6 to Delta 2, i add D10 + Marksmanship + Assault Rifle and it's 14. Delta 2 to Echo 6, done, you blazed it"

This pretty much sums up the spirit of the game, which is enforced further by the many military pic inside the book. However, this is really a role-playing game. I'd say that this is not really the kind of game that I would play but it is an interesting one. So let's go:

Character creation is not very explicit, you have 60 points to spend on stats & skills, stats costing 3 times as much. It's not that the system is bad (it's quite nicely made with a list of skills that are adapted to the theme and not only about killing things), it's just that one full example would have been nice. There are quite a few computations to make afterwards but nothing that complicated. I noticed a few funny points like the "base movement" is a 10 meters per second which is close to Jesse Owen's performance at the 1936 olympics. All this quick with an assault gun... Good drill!

Combat is quite interesting with a nice system of one turn equals one second. You are given 2 action points, one minor action costing 1 and one major costing 2. Or you can do nothing and get +1 next second so you'll have 3. Fine with me. Equipment lists are quite exhaustive, as far as killing things is concerned.

To sum it up, I think its MAIN flaw is that it has no "soul". It reminds me of the Morrow Project but it lacks the very themed atmosphere of this game that allowed us to forget all its (many) flaws and to blend into the story being told. A single scenario could have helped or a one page desciption of how a military unit really works would have given us insight about what we are supposed to do.. Or even best a 2D6 entry table which would give you a single mission like "You are the Recco team of a US Army division and you are sent to X to secure this" or "You are H section ofa Marines battalion sent to recover hostages here" should be enough.

With that I would have given it a 5 stars, I stay at only 4 because it is a free game and an obvious labor of love.

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Madman Protocol
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