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Miserable Secrets
by Jye N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/12/2018 18:56:21

The investigation mechanics are fantastic; the pacing, the thematic linking of secrets to card suits and the town generation system were a huge help to me as a GM. It's not the sort of thing I've had a lot of success running in the past but Miserable Secrets turned that right around.

Combat is very cool and has synergy with investigation play (there are resource interactions via the cards that represent secrets, and both PCs and NPCs' powers always have explicit in and out of combat applications). It's a little different to most tactical games in having a very mobile, hit-and-run style (inspired by Castlevania, if you didn't get the reference in the title), but the thorough examples should set you straight.

Also you can play an alchemist who makes golden whips from her blood, or a Wolf of God, so that's pretty cool :)

Rose's Patreon backers have had a month to enjoy this game already; the version you're buying here is fleshed out from our feedback. Having run the Patreon version I am super keen to get this expanded version into play, and I've bought copies for all my players so that we're good to go for next week!

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Miserable Secrets
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Die For You
by Goran E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/11/2018 15:27:06

This is not a review, just a short opinion.

There something eminently poetic in this game, a real atmosphere of mystery and magic, a little like Buffy's complicated love affairs meet a dark anime. It is not a big game by its number of pages but it truly gives you everything you need. Maybe a few pics or rather simple drawings or a stylish character sheet could have been nice.

The system is simple with 3 stats: weird; real life & feelings. You roll one die, two if you are really prepared. You can roll one more if one person you trust is involved, if you sacrifice something or if your character goal is involved. . Note that you can force a character to help you if this characters trusts you or you can receive an appluse die if what you try to do pleases the other players. The number of successes gives quality rating

If there is something to change I think it would be to not give an auto value to Real Life but rather gives points to drop on all each 3 stats, maybe 10 or 7 with 4 being the maximum, just to make sure that all characters do not end up with a 3 in all.

Frankly speaking, this game is a little gem. I love it.

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Die For You
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Die For You
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/23/2017 15:50:18

Originally posted here: http://theotherside.timsbrannan.com/2017/10/love-will-be-cruel-carmilla-for-die-for.html

All week I am doing RPG conversions of the Web series Carmila. Today I am going to shift my focus slightly and look at a Role-Playing Game that was directly inspired by Carmilla.

Growing Up is Weird Die For You by Rose Bailey lists Carmilla as it's primary inspiration. Though given the name I can't imagine that HEX was also not an inspiration. Die For You is a slim book, only 13 pages. Character creation and rules are all, understandably really simple. Designed for 2 to 5 people, one game master and four players, I think it could be expanded. It also has that feel of a game that could also work with rotating GMs.

This game would classify as a "Story Game" I believe, it has that feel, but I really don't know much about its genesis.

To play you start by Picking a Setting. Since I am going to go with Carmilla as my example (and I think it sells the game best) I'll give examples from the start of Season 1. The setting can be random (roll a 1d6) or the group's choice. We are going for "College" here.

Next comes Creating a Character. Again this is an easier process than most games, but one that should involve everyone playing. First thing you need to come up with is your Concept. The examples given are good for us, with some tweaks; “Nosey Journalism Major” or “Disaffected Vampire.” You can decide if you are some sort of monster or a normal human. Now define your Want. This is something your characters wants. Let's go with "Find the Missing Girls from Silas University" as an example. When pursuing your wants you have a better chance of succeeding, but also you open yourself up more to creating complications. Looking for the missing girls gets the attention of the Evil Dean that wants to sacrifice them to an ancient demon. Having conflicting Wants in the group is also a good thing. Now determine your Traits. You have three: Feels, Weird and Real Life. Feels and Weird are ranked 2 to 4 and combined they must equal 6. Real Life is the same as your lowest score. Finally, you have Trust. Trust is another character you trust and this can change from scene to scene if needed.

While this is going on the GM comes up with the Big Bad. This is who they need to defeat to move the story to its end. Simpler is better. "Vampire", "Nephilim" or "Evil Dean". Then figure where the game begins and what happens. "At the big party, a girl disappears". "In the middle of class, you set fire to all the paper with your mind". And so on.

Roll the Bones Rolls come in two types, Challenges (your character is trying to do something or opposed by an NPC) and Conflicts (opposed by another PC). In Challenges, you roll against the Trait that the GM is most affected. Each die that is one lower than your trait is a Success. There are ways to get more dice. You can get help from another character, pursuing your Wants, making a sacrifice, or using your Trust.

A few minutes of set up, getting characters made and you are set to go!

Playing Carmilla The Setting: Silas University, Freshman dorms. Laura Hollis' room. Big Bad: The Dean (revealed later)

The Cast

Carmilla Concept: Disaffected Vampire Want: To not do the horrible things her mother makes her do anymore. (Later) I want Laura to be safe. Traits Feels: 2 Weird: 4 Real Life: 2 Trust: No one, Laura

Laura Hollis Concept: Nosey Journalism Student Want: To find the missing girls. (Later) I want Carmilla to be safe. Traits Feels: 4 Weird: 2 Real Life: 2 Trust: Dany, Carmilla

Danny Concept: Really tall English Lit TA Want: I want to go out with Laura. (Later) I want Laura to be safe. Traits Feels: 4 Weird: 2 Real Life: 2 Trust: Laura

LaFontaine Concept: Would-be mad scientist; brainy Want: To get into med school and figure out all the weirdness on campus. (Later) I want to party with the Demon of Light. Traits Feels: 2 Weird: 4 Real Life: 2 Trust: Perry

Perry Concept: Dorm mom, German major and neat freak. Want: I want everyone to be normal! Just be normal! Traits Feels: 4 Weird: 2 Real Life: 2 Trust: LaFontaine

There. Five characters as quickly as I could write them down. Take them and throw them into the weirdness. The game is a lot of fun and could be a really fun experiment to try with some exsisting characters.

The game is Pay What You Want, so if you want to try it, throw the author a buck or two and if you like then toss in a couple more.
You can see more about this game at http://www.fantasyheartbreaker.com.

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