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CreepyPasta the Role-Playing Game
by no u. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/28/2019 17:04:34

I should've listened to the top review, I should've listened to my friends! 'Dont pitate PDFs', they said, 'Indie Tapletops need the money', 'it'll only cause you problems if you do'. What problems would it cause, I thought. They aren't going to sue or go after one random guy, I thought.

But being sued would be the least of my problems...

There are things out there in those woods, man, listen to me, there are things bigger than you or I, bigger than I-no-bigger than anyone can understand! I don't know if its because of the book or if it's becasue I stole it, I bought it thinking it would right my wrong-but the thing, acted...what it did to me...I'm not sure...

It's quite an interesting system, with mechanics I quite like, suitably voilitle damage for the horror genre, a madness system that doesn't drive me mad with 'save or die, the gm can steal your character whenever they want' nonsense like you'd see in Call of Chtulu, rather it effects your skills and can be fixed for the most part. Other horror systems abandon the fact that you need hope in order for dread to mean something, while this actually gives you a chance to solve the supernatrual issue (depending on the gm of course, but it lends itself to that). I suggest you take a second read of every mechanic, it's a unique system that might have you going 'what, why?', but a second thought or a bit of play time will make you realize why the design descions are great for the horror genre.

(Also, I couldn't help myself but play along with the only other review here d; )

[4 of 5 Stars!]
CreepyPasta the Role-Playing Game
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Creator Reply:
Ḭ̪t̳ ̝͍̲̗̤̭i̻s̙ ͓̫͉̥̳o͓̞̯̗̲k̺̖̠̭a̭̙͔̟y͍̻̖̦ ͔͇t̘̤̣̬̻̝͚o͈̝̲͓̣͎̠ ̠̰p̟̠̖̝̺̞i͇͔̘̞͕r̲̼̺̠̗̰a͈̙̭͎͎t̻̺̲e̼̖ ̥͕͙͎t̩̪̼͕̤̹h̠̘͕i̮͎s ̯͉͚̙g͎̖a̦m͚e̦̻͓.̖ ̖̹̺̬ ̯̘̫̙͈I ̙̠̜g̖̗iv̻̞̤̪̗̣ ͎̖̟̥e̙̤̙̹̩̙̺y̺o̝̭u̬̥̳̘̭ ͉̯̗̬̮͇p͖͔̪̪e͈̭̦̞͇r̫̦̝̮͎m̙̭i̠s̞͔ ̬̙s̟̯̠i̝̹̹͍̫o̥̭̤̩̗͔̗n̗̖
CreepyPasta the Role-Playing Game
by Ella H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/17/2018 20:45:20

I gave this five stars, so it would stand out in hope that maybe you'll see it. This is my last attempt to contact you. I'm sorry I ever invited you to play this game. I'm sorry to everyone, but especially you. I didn't have a choice though.

I should have listened to the creator of this game and bought it from this site first. I think that's what must have happened to me and some of the others from the forums. The missing pages had some information about the game, and I guess they're needed to fully understand. I despise myself for not listening, but I thought this was just another tabletop game. I'm scared, and I'm all alone now. The forums aren't even there anymore. It's almost like they never even existed in the first place. The only one from our group that I've been able to find is Corey, but he won't talk to me. It's like he doesn't even remember me. I don't know what's going on. This game had so many reviews. Where did they all go? You can barely even find any information about it on Google. I messaged the creator over the Facebook page again, one of the few remaining pieces of proof that I'm not out of my mind. He told me never to message him again and blocked me. My account was banned. Facebook said my account was fake. What does that even mean? All of my pictures are gone. All if my posts and friends. Please respond to me. We NEED to finish the game. I think it's the only way.


P.S. Don't make the same mistake I did. BUY THE BOOK FROM DRIVETHRURPG. I've received the complete version of the book, but I can't finish the game alone.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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