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Never Going Home
by Charles D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/01/2019 15:06:37

Wet Ink Games captures the horrors of war (and worse) while being respectful of both real world vets and protecting the feelings of players playing the game. I will be do a more in depth playtest review at EN World, but my initial read through convinced me I have to run this game. Players will take on the roles of soldiers slowly giving up their past memories and bits of their humanity to survive an inhuman war. But things are even worse, as otherworldly monsters bring even more insanity and killing to the battlefield. PCs will have some personal control of events through a clever dice pool while working at a unit level using playing cards to complete missions, help with tasks, and if they survive improve their own abilities. The intro sums it up for me: Never Going Home is a party-focused role-playing game set in horror haunted trenches during the First World War. If that sounds good to you, get ready to deploy.

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Never Going Home
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