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    Fehr's Ethnology: Dragonblood [PFRPG] $1.89
    Average Rating:5.0 / 5
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    Fehr\'s Ethnology: Dragonblood [PFRPG]
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    Fehr's Ethnology: Dragonblood [PFRPG]
    Publisher: Purple Duck Games
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 06/14/2013 09:21:01

    The Dragonblood are a new race - even if it's a long-standing concept - which exists in Purple Duck's campaign world of The Land of Porphyra... and should you wish to play one, you will find everything that you need here.

    We begin with a short piece of fiction that sets the scene of an individual almost haunted by an otherness, something that marks him out from everyone else; and as we read further we learn just how unusual dragonborn are. It is a little unclear just how they arise, although they apparently display traces of a draconic ancestor - just how that happened is a matter for genealogists, geneticists or the gossip columns! Be that as it may, dragonborn are found amongst humans and elves, occasionally half-orcs and very rarely in dwarf or halfling communities.

    On to specifics: they tend to be tougher and more striking than other sentient beings, but maybe a bit headstrong as shown by the ability modifiers. Otherwise they vary little from the norm except for an affinity for magic, a naturally tough hide (which may show signs of scales) and the ability to withstand poisons. It's not clear if the dragonblood modifiers are to be applied 'cold' or if you first apply those of the racial stock that your dragonblood comes from and then apply the dragonblood ones. They tend to be imposing individuals, taller than the norm for their race with sharp features, distinctive eyes and large canine teeth - the sort of person who turns heads when they pass by.

    Socially, they are often outcast or at least regarded askance. For a start, they are pretty uncommon - many folk haven't even heard of them - and sometimes they are mistaken for other hostile reptilian species. Even those who know what they are can be wary of them, never quite sure where their allegiances lie or what their powers might be. Racial traits and characteristics, and a selection of feats, follow, while the notes on attitudes and how they cope as members of and in dealings with the various classes give plenty of food for thought as to how to make them different - indeed, several plot ideas spawn for things that might happen to a dragonblooded should he come into my game!

    An interesting race, a potent and fascinating concept, worth considering if you want something that little bit different - but, as always, work with your GM to ensure that a dragonblooded has a place in his game.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Fehr's Ethnology: Dragonblood [PFRPG]
    Publisher: Purple Duck Games
    by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 01/11/2013 11:52:33

    My son loves Dragonborn. He plays Skyrim because there is a "dragonborn" in that. He wanted to get all the Doctor Who episodes on DVD that feature the Draconians, and in every game we play that is the character race he wants. Well...not every game has them. Good thing for him is that Purple Duck is here to help.

    This one is pretty good really. Nice art, clear easy to read text and 7 pages of content (1 full page art, 1.5 of OGL and ads for 10 total pages). Simple race rules with not a lot of fluff, but a lot of crunch. There are some alternate racial characteristics and some feats. There are class suggestions and suggestions on play. For 10 pages it is really packed full. My son has been using this in our 3.x game now for a bit and we like it the most out of the many free options we have also found. At $1.25 it is an absolute steal.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Fehr's Ethnology: Dragonblood [PFRPG]
    Publisher: Purple Duck Games
    by Thilo G. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 06/27/2012 02:18:58

    This installment of Perry Fehr's Ethnology-series is 10 pages long, with a total of about 3 pages of editorial/SRD/advertisement, leaving 7 pages of content, so let's check out the Dragonblooded, so what are they?

    Dragonblooded are noble beings descendant from the dragons and they get 2 to Con and Cha, but -2 to Wis, 1 to bluff and diplomacy, 2 to caster-level checks to overcome SR and 2 to spellcraft when casting magic weapons, 2 to sunder and strength-checks to break objects, 1 natural armor and 1/2 level to saves against poisons. The pdf also includes information on how to tell regular humans, elves, half-elves etc. from dragonblooded and an extensive ecology-section, including age, height and weight tables.

    The race also includes 4 race traits as well as 7 alternate racial traits to create small dragonblooded from halfling and gnome stock, orc-blooded dragonblooded and even ones that have access to some minor spell-like abilities due to their stock - none of the options felt unbalanced to me. The pdf also contains 6 new racial feats that enable dragonblooded characters to defend allies, get elemental resistances, a bonus to saves against charm, paralysis and compulsion and one that is interesting: Magic Sense lets the dragonblooded detect magic at will and use perception instead of Knowledge (arcana) and spellcraft to discern magic item properties and auras. Another feat makes you immune against magical sleep and cut down the rest you need to 4 hours per night. My favorite feat, though, would be Wallbreaker: By sundering against the DC of the wall, a dragonblooded can move half his movement and leave handholds smashed into the wall. Can you see it in your mind's eye? Awesome!

    The Dragonblooded's approach to all classes is covered and we get favored class options for barbarians, bards, cavaliers, fighters, oracles, rooks, sorcerors and summoners.

    The pdf closes with a sample player-character, Rhyatha Scything Blade, a dragonblooded samurai. That statblock lacks the "1" in the class-levels, which also constitutes the only editing glitch I found.

    Conclusion: Editing and formatting are very good, I only noticed one glitch. Layout adheres to a printer-friendly 2-column standard and the one piece of full-color artwork is evocative and awesome. The pdf comes with full bookmarks. Apart from the Enukae, this is by far my favorite installment of the series so far - iconic, cool, balanced the Dragonblooded not only takes an iconic concept in fantasy, it also delivers an excellent take on the concept and provides solid, balanced rules. The Wallbreaker-feat is iconic in the extreme and due to the low price, and the lack of crucial glitches/thing to complain about, I'm going to settle for a final verdict of 5 stars.

    Endzeitgeist out.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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