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    When Worlds Collide - Born From Disaster $5.00
    Average Rating:4.0 / 5
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    When Worlds Collide - Born From Disaster
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    When Worlds Collide - Born From Disaster
    Publisher: When Worlds Collide
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 12/11/2012 10:05:54

    This is a neat, compact stand-alone adventure, suitable for a one-off game maybe at a convention or as a trial run for the When Worlds Collide system if your group is considering playing it...

    The situation is simple. The characters are just coming to the end of a long posting on a drilling expedition in the middle of the Gobi desert. The aircraft to take them home has just arrived, just time to crack the homebrew and have a bit of a party before leaving in the morning...

    Naturally things don't quite pan out as expected. There is a tightly-scripted timeline that will keep the pressure on the characters, filling them with an appropriate sense of urgency as they struggle to survive. Despite the taut timeline, plenty of options are given so that the characters will have at least an illusion of being free agents... it is just that certain things will happen irrespective of their actions! A well-prepared GM who presents everything thoughfully should have no difficulty in avoiding any hint of 'railroading' the characters.

    Good points are a taut series of events that recreate the stress of the situation well, and the way in which the likely alternative courses of action are all catered for without allowing them to derail the intended course of events. A set of detailed plans of the aircraft and good pre-generated characters are provided, as well as some extra notes about career options that may be useful in character generation/development beyond this particular adventure.

    Down points are a very abrupt and unsatisfying ending - basically 'go and run another adventure' - which does not work well for a one-off game although it could provide a lead-in to a campaign or if you are using this while your group decides whether or not they want to play When Worlds Collide. The entire module could do with a thorough proof-read, there are a lot of silly mistakes that even a quick read-through should have caught.

    However, it could well prove an entertaining adventure, a good 'survival' type challenge that can be solved with good teamwork and some thought... at least, until it sort of... runs out at the end. Worth a look.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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