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    Heroes Weekly, Vol 1, Issue #17, Jail Break $3.99
    Average Rating:4.5 / 5
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    Heroes Weekly, Vol 1, Issue #17, Jail Break
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    Heroes Weekly, Vol 1, Issue #17, Jail Break
    Publisher: Avalon Game Company
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 12/03/2012 05:28:04

    Put simply, this is a neat little jail break caper than can be run as a stand-alone or as part of your regular campaign. The situation is clearly presented with several options, from the default of rescuing one Dr. Plague from the clutches of law enforcement through to having to rescue a fellow superpowered player-character...

    As a one-off, it can be fun to play the villains for a change. Even if your characters are normally on the side of the angels, even good guys sometimes run foul of the law... this is especially an occupational hazard if your party are typical superhero vigilantes rather than sworn officers of the law (and even those sometimes end up on the wrong side of the bars for real or alleged violations).

    Various preparatory options are presented to allow the characters to scout out the 'Superhuman Containment Facility' at the local precinct house and then to gain access to those held within, giving plenty opportunity for them to talk and investigate and infiltrate before the inevitable brawl begins. Once it does, there are 'regular' police officers to prevent the escape attempt (if you want any superpowered ones, you will need to find or roll them up for yourself), and the caper is additionally provided with some nice plans of the precinct house and the Superhuman Containment Facility so that you can play out events with a good idea of your surroundings - including the use of miniatures or counters if preferred.

    A neat and clear caper, well suited to a single session of play.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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