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Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - The Lost Village $2.99
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Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - The Lost Village
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Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - The Lost Village
Publisher: Hero Forge Games
by Michael T. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/30/2013 20:42:07

The Lost Village is the second adventure I played with my son using the Heroes of Hesiod rules. This time he decided to bring three adventurers along: a bomb-throwing tinkerer, a paladin, and a druid. The adventure revolves around solving the mystery around the disappearance of an entire village. The adventure begins with a choice as to how to travel to the town, by water (an action-oriented challenge) or by land (combat). My son chose water, skipping the bandit combat encounter.

Once at the village, the next step is to find tracks – this is the answer to most of the scenario, as there aren’t really any clues to find beyond this. The meat of the adventure takes place within a cave, which is secretly led by a fringe cult of lizardfolk. My son’s adventurers avoided the pit trap and took out the guards, making their way to a prison cell. There, they had the opportunity to sneak past more guards, but the adventurers failed and ended up alerting them while trying to sneak over to the keys. After defeating the second set of guards, they freed the humans and discovered a lizardfolk in a separate cell who didn't share the same beliefs of the evil lizardfolk. Finally, a role-playing opportunity!

My son released the lizardfolk, whom I named Calactyte after my brother’s lizardfolk character, and Calactyte promised to lead the human prisoners to freedom. The prisoners were not okay with this, so I left it to my son to convince them that Calactyte was a good guy. After some role-playing he convinced them and they left, leaving the adventurers to deal with the lizardfolk lead cultist.

This final battle was epic, as the shaman, a lizardfolk warrior, and two archers ambushed the party. Once again they were barely victorious, with two of the adventurers down by the end. Calactyte returned at the last minute to assist and promised to lead the restore peace to the lizardfolk clan.

Overall, this adventure was a lot of fun, featuring both an interesting role-playing dilemma for the kids as well as thrilling combat.

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