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    MDI: THE INN (Miniature Tile & Map Set) $1.00
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    MDI: THE INN (Miniature Tile & Map Set)
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    MDI: THE INN (Miniature Tile & Map Set)
    Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 01/22/2013 04:49:49

    Ignore the young lady in very uncomfortable underwear on the front cover, this is actually a beautifully-drawn and clearly presented large inn! It presents considerable scope for relaxation between adventures or even as a place to have adventures - especially if you enjoy interaction as well as brawling.

    The inn is quite large although on one floor, with a large tap room complete with a stage for musical performances. Hopefully the piano has been invented in your game world, as there is a large upright one there ready for passing bards to play. There's a range of seating from bar stools to tables for varying numbers and booths with bench seats.

    Behind the bar, there are storage areas, a large kitchen and the landlord's quarters. The kitchen has a long table for prep work and several stoves as well as a fire-pit for roasting meat. The innkeeper has a double bedroom, a spacious lounge area and a private plunge pool complete with a fire place.

    Accommodations vary in size but all rooms seem nicely-appointed. They range from single rooms (with chest, desk and wall mirror) to suites with a double bedroom and a living room complete with sofa. There are also four-bedded rooms provided with a table and chairs as well as a chest at the foot of each bed, likely resting place for adventurers.

    The height of luxury, the place even has a swimming pool complete with changing areas and even a diving board!

    Outside, near several of the doors, there are 'outhouses' - despite the swimming pool, indoors plumbing does not appear to have been invented and relief must be sought outside.

    The GM is provided with 'room inventory sheets' to note anything of significance that guests to the inn have in their rooms, and there is an example one filled out. These are, however, of the print out and scribble on variety rather than form-fillable.

    Overall a very nice inn. Hopefully my characters will be raising a glass of ale there soon!

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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