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    Extreme Edge Volume Three, Issue Eleven $1.00
    Average Rating:4.0 / 5
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    Extreme Edge Volume Three, Issue Eleven
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    Extreme Edge Volume Three, Issue Eleven
    Publisher: Dakkar Unlimited
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 02/16/2013 12:48:48

    An eclectic mix of articles almost completely 'in character' for a Hot Chicks RPG game (OK, you get stat blocks for items and indeed people mentioned in the magazine's pages!), in this issue you get to meet a licensed monster hunter who looks equally good on the catwalk in swimwear as she does all tooled up and hot on the tail of some tentacled critter, learn of a cantrip that gives you a complete make-over and read a review of a weapon whose main selling point is that it can shoot in varying colours of muzzle flash!

    If that's the world you want to operate in, you probably already play Hot Chicks. The various articles, with a little retooling, could also be used with any game in the cyberpunk genre if you want to add a zany - or should I say extreme - edge.

    Tasha Kirkpatrick, the model-turned-monster-hunter, is actually a well-developed coherent character to mix in to your game - perhaps an ally, or even a player-character if someone fancies her. She's quite determined about her monster hunting and may involve the party in the latest hot pursuit.

    The Cheapass Fashionpiece handgun is without question the silliest firearm I have ever heard about - an opinion shared by the lady who reviewed it for Extreme Edge Magazine. You might find some really moronic street punks who think it's a good idea. You know, the sort of people who hold handguns sideways 'cos they think it looks cool. It's unlikely any of your characters will be suckered into buying one but it could be entertaining if the opposition has them...

    As for the Cosmetic Singularity Cantrip, it was invented by a group of mages working through a combination of social media and intense meditation. Need I say more? Oh, you want to know what it does... um. You can change your appearance so that you look more stylish. It's not a disguise spell or anything like that, but you can change colours and styles so that you - or someone you cast it on - looks real good for the next 12 hours or so. Something for the budding beautician, perhaps.

    There are also a couple of articles, in their own inimicable style: quite fun and even a bit thought provoking. Quite a delight to read, the whole issue, really.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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