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    In Harm's Way: StarCluster - Five Ships $2.50
    Average Rating:4.5 / 5
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    In Harm\'s Way: StarCluster - Five Ships
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    In Harm's Way: StarCluster - Five Ships
    Publisher: Better Mousetrap Games
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 02/16/2013 11:58:29

    Herein are presented five military vessels, in the service of the SaVaHuTa Navy. Naturally, if you are playing a different game, you may assign them to whatever naval forces suits.

    Two are quite small and agile, built for stealth - one is intended for unorthodox inter-ship warfare (but can also carry and land ground-pounders) and the other is designed for infiltration, sneaking up on large enemy ships or planets to land its complement of warriors.

    The rest are much more massive. If things go wrong, there is a giant hospital ship. Despite being painted in bold colours, so that its nature is plain to all who see it, it is able to defend itself if the need arises. Conventional enemies might respect the non-combatant status of a hospital, but who knows what aliens think?

    There is a bizarre thing called the Three Amigos, basically three capital ships linked on a spinal mount, each capable of being released to perform different functions once the big engines on the spine get them to where they are needed. And finally there's an even more bizarre and unorthodox vessel called The Last Resort. This has an innovative array of spines - making it look like a hedgehog or porcupine - the idea being that any incoming fire is going to hit spines rather than the actual hull.

    The download contains a PDF with rather crude pictures and plenty of background about each ship and a spreadsheet (you'll need Microsoft Excel to open it) with all the statistics needed for this ruleset. The information in the PDF is the sort of thing that might - provided you are on the same side as the navy using them - be found on your ship's library computer... or maybe in an intelligence report if they are your enemies.

    This would be good for ship-to-ship combat under the Star Cluster ruleset, or as some really strange vessels passing by whatever rules you are using. There are no deckplans, so don't get too tactical when visiting any of them, though. However, I enjoy collecting unusual vessels from other games to puzzle my Traveller players, and these will be really useful for that!

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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