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    Penelope Love's Porphyry & Asphodel $0.00
    Average Rating:4.2 / 5
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    Penelope Love\'s Porphyry & Asphodel
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    Penelope Love's Porphyry & Asphodel
    Publisher: Cthulhu Reborn
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 02/18/2013 08:37:28

    A beautifully-presented and evocative adventure that really brings forth the mind-wrenching madness of the Dreamlands... never mind the characters, your players will begin to question their sanity as the adventure unfolds.

    This is one for the Keeper who really enjoys messing with his players' heads. It links events in the waking and dream worlds with a spinning symmetry that lacks reason and is completely logical at the same time. For what great presence could a pauper inmate in a mental institution, sick in body and mind, have? And yet, the gods themselves contend over her dream presence and it is by exploring a fantastical construct called The Castle Beyond Sleep that your intrepid investigators may seek to unravel these deranged weavings and bring peace, if not resolution, to at least one lost soul.

    And that is just the beginning...

    The adventure goes far beyond this one tale, venturing far and wide through the geography of the Dreamlands and giving the bravest - or most foolhardy - of dreamers the opportunity to visit far-flung cities the like of which they will be hardpressed to describe when they waken once more.

    Epic madness, well worth a look.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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