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    [M&M] Deus ex Historica: Danni Cipher

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    [M&M] Deus ex Historica: Danni Cipher
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    [M&M] Deus ex Historica: Danni Cipher
    Publisher: Purple Duck Games
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 02/21/2013 11:33:39

    Quite an intriguing character - possibly best used as an NPC although a strong role-player could have fun with the character - Danni Cipher comes from a far-distant future.

    Danni is a temporal archaeologist, delving into past times by manipulating the time-stream to visit them rather than digging holes. Somewhere along the line to that far future that Danni comes from, everything went really, terribly awry and the timeline got... snapped. The past literally disassociated from the future. Things are unravelling, and Danni's goal is to find the RIGHT past and link it to the future from whence the archaeologist came.

    The character is well-detailed and described, mostly in a rather breathless and engaging first person. This leads me to an intriguing point: nowhere is Danni's gender identified! The reason apparently is that it can change when navigating the timestream, or to fit in with the situations encountered... but maybe perhaps it really is that in the far future it actually does not matter at all which gender you are! (Being one of those odd people who don't have much of a gender identity, I can identify with this approach to a character... in fact until I found the side-bar explaining this I hadn't really noticed the lack of a stated gender, especially with the first person approach not giving room for gender-appropriate pronouns...).

    Full statistics are also given. Danni is possibly a little underpowered as most PCs might go, another reason for using this character as an NPC, but the quirky flavour makes up for that and good role-playing of someone from a really advanced technology may well overcome this.

    Now Danni believes that some evil mastermind messed up the timelines to cause the disconnect. Up to you whether or not that is true, or indeed just what Danni is doing when encountered by the players... I'm contemplating them finding Danni just arrived and trying to figure out this new primitive era, a bit lost and confused. A nicely-developed and unusual character!

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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