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    Dark Crypts - Chambers #2

    This product is no longer available from

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    Dark Crypts - Chambers #2
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    Dark Crypts - Chambers #2
    Publisher: Lord Zsezse Works
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 02/24/2013 10:03:10

    Whether or not you use miniatures, here are some beautiful crypts to put in front of your players as their characters explore the horrors you have prepared for them.

    Good command of PDF technology has been utilised to make these chambers versatile. By selecting the layer(s) as appropriate, you can fine-tune the appearance of each room: bare chamber, room with furniture and fittings, or room with furniture and fittings with some torches lit. Then you can also use the buttons provided to make limited changes such as passages opening into the room or even if doors are open or closed.

    There are seven different basic chambers, but you can make them look different by accessing the various features. There are one-page tactical maps, multi-page scale battleplans (1 inch representing 5 feet) and vast sheets for each complete chamber - these work with various virtual table-top systems if playing online, or can make unusual posters if you have access to a large-scale printer (or go to a copyshop).

    A very good way of letting your players see what you mean...

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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