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    DW-UK1 The Enchanted Garden $1.00 $0.75
    Average Rating:3.7 / 5
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    DW-UK1 The Enchanted Garden
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    DW-UK1 The Enchanted Garden
    Publisher: Brouhaha Games
    by Matteo S. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 04/15/2013 10:32:13

    The Good:

    • Great adventure, well suited/adapted to a DW game.
    • Characters, locations and adversaries are succinctly presented.
    • Awesome encounters.
    • Grim portents done right. Not always the case, even with other Brouhaha products.

    The Not-so-good:

    • The landscape layout is nice but adventures like these would benefit from a little more space and material (see below).
    • The map is big but there are not enough encounters to fill it if the party decides to explore like maniacs. A couple more perhaps? Maybe half a dozen one-liners, such as "Sword in the Stone (how do you get that out?)" or "Marvelous fountain (with a couple of gems on the bottom)".
    • The "Prep" section says: "Name everyone in the garden". Seriously? I take hours to make up names for NPCs, please do that for us!

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
    DW-UK1 The Enchanted Garden
    Publisher: Brouhaha Games
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 02/24/2013 10:45:53

    This product provides a wealth of ideas to spawn a complete adventure if not a campaign.

    There's all sorts of material in here, some provided as information and some as questions - in thinking these through and coming up with answers, you'll find that your adventure starts to write itself. The layout is a little difficult to figure out - try printing the two sheets double-sided, holding it 'landscape style' then folding it into a 3-page leaflet. It isn't so easy to read onscreen...

    Anyway, once you have worked out where to start, it begins with some background to set the scene and then the situation designed to trigger your adventure - in a nutshell, the local ruler's son has disappeared and the characters will be asked to find him. But although this is an adventure rich in social action, rather than a combat-fest, it is not so much about finding out where he is but dealing with that location once they get there (although it will be useful for the characters to find out why, as well as how, he got there).

    You are supplied with a list of 'adversaries' that you can have them encounter - these are monsters in the classic sense of 'unknown beings' with whom the characters have to interact. Some may even be helpful, depending on how they are approached. There are maps of the Enchanted Garden itself as well as of a few locations that will be important, and plenty of details about hazards that await and problems that might arise as the characters explore.

    For best effect, settle down with this and use it as inspiration to plan out the adventure in more detail. At a pinch, if you are good at 'winging' it, you could run a game direct from these sheets (once you have figured out the order in which to read them, I'm still not sure if I've got it right - just read everything and rearrange it in your mind!). Good inspiration and some interesting ideas to play with.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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