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    Tall Ships 15: Caravel Fleet $1.99
    Average Rating:4.3 / 5
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    Tall Ships 15: Caravel Fleet
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    Tall Ships 15: Caravel Fleet
    Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
    by Ken J. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 09/30/2016 08:45:16

    As a whole I can enthusiastically recomend this set. A fundamentally sound version of a trading vessel or a small warship makes it versitle. Coupled with the free Small Ships 1: Launches and Rafts you can print up the sea/ocean and beachhead, drop anchor and use the launches to go ashore. Price/Functionality 4+

    A good representation of a Caravel, in it's fundamental form. Deck cleared of any anchors, capstain, cannons, wheel or cargo allow you to utilize the ship for many periods and game styles.

    While 3 different ships (by color and sails) are offered under sail, only one is offered in three version; under sail, with sails stowed (becalmed or not underway) and also docked with sails stowed. No additional changes to the docked version from the only sails stowed version other than the dock and 2 gangways. The aft gangway is oddly going to the upper aft deck. No additional tie offs, anchors or other "stowed" type items which to be expected with a stripped down version of a caravel, but the gangways should also be removed. Either a version truly in port, tied off, anchored and with gangways or just provide the ship with sails stowed (ie I can make a tile under way with sails furled or flip the tile and have the ship with sails stowed, or becalmed/docked as I choose). Beach and plain water tiles are included. The grid is rather overdone and does take away from the asthetics of the artwork.

    Would recommend offering with and without grid. Also recommend, just a plain deck version without the sails & rigging. I then can make 6 different tile overlays with sails furled and stowed to show different status of the ship in adition to showing demasted. Although, the aft pennant is rather long for my taste, and as such makes it hard to isolate the masts. Another recommendation, change the dock tile to just a dock. I know the spars overlap the dock and your dock style runs through your ship line, however, I can stand off the dock the becalmed version of the ship and provide a gangway/plank for the "white zone/red zone loading and unloading of passengers" or stand off further from the dock and use your free Small Ships 1: Launches and Rafts to ferry crew/supplies to/from the dock. (Would need a couple of docking slips which would be common for the harbormaster to have his launch stowed) Either provide a fully "docked" version, tied off and anchored, or the option to sail in and out the ship without the ship printed on the dock tile.

    Once again, I can recomend this set wholeheartedly.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
    Tall Ships 15: Caravel Fleet
    Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
    by MN B. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 07/09/2015 01:29:30

    Good for the price, but very basic. Not much detail in terms items on deck. No cannons. Only top of deck. Still, for the price, it provide a decent set of battle maps for caravel ships.

    [3 of 5 Stars!]
    Creator Reply:
    This series was never intended to have the interiors, but to give the ability to give multiple versions of the same ship for running battles. And your point on the cannons is correct, our original requests for cannon-less ships, so they could be added as either tokens or figures as needed. Any ideas on that?
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