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    Village Map: Plague Village $4.00
    Average Rating:4.5 / 5
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    Village Map: Plague Village
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    Village Map: Plague Village
    Publisher: Raging Swan Press
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 07/02/2013 10:50:26

    Plague villages date - in real-world history anyway - from either the mid-14th century or a bit later, 1665 or so, when entire villages could be wiped out in a matter of weeks (or less) as the Black Death or some other virulent plague spread through them. All that would be left was the buildings, soon reclaimed by nature. If you were lucky, the survivors managed to bury those not so lucky before they fled.

    The sketch map presented here has a mix of complete and ruined structures, with common land showing evidence of having become overgrown (no longer being grazed) and some of the agricultural enclosures also looking far less tidy than when in use.

    Naturally, it's open to you to decide just why the village has been abandoned - it might not even be plague at all! This may also influence how the party ends up visiting it. Often, they'll come upon such a place by chance, but there may be occasions when they'll go there on purpose: anything from a good place to hide out to being sent to fetch something valuable that was left behind by fleeing residents.

    But has the plague really gone....?

    A nice map, available in both labelled (just with numbers - you still have to decide what they mean) and unlabelled form, well worth tucking away against the time it will be really useful to have an abandoned settlement for the party to explore.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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