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    Russ Morrissey's 1d100 Delicious Tavern Meals $0.50
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    Russ Morrissey\'s 1d100 Delicious Tavern Meals
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    Russ Morrissey's 1d100 Delicious Tavern Meals
    Publisher: EN Publishing
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 07/07/2013 11:05:02

    An evocative meal is an excellent way of establishing your alternate reality as a real place, just not in the regular world... and if you find it difficult to think of much beyond what you had for dinner yesterday, here are some delights to lay on the tavern table.

    How about spicy caremelized unicorn stuffed with pheasant cooked in Good Hook Brandy (# 43)? Just 16 sp to you, sir. Seared apples and blueberries pie (# 11) you could maybe get around here, but a juicy sphinx and blackberries stew? Or maybe our renowned half a roasted dragon doused in a wolverine, and apples puree? Or juicy charbroiled snake and rice... hang on, I had that in China, once. But it was a memorable occasion :)

    Dining out ought to be special. So should dining out in your favourite fantasy world... and here are some ideas to make that happen.

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