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    Wondrous Creations 7: Monstrous $1.00
    Average Rating:4.7 / 5
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    Wondrous Creations 7: Monstrous
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    Wondrous Creations 7: Monstrous
    Publisher: gannet games
    by Shane O. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 08/03/2013 19:58:03

    It’s a sad fact that monsters get the short end of the stick where magic items in Pathfinder are concerned. It’s not that most monsters can’t necessarily use most magic items, per se. Rather, it’s that none of the magic items in the Core Rules – or even in the expansions – speak to monstrous abilities specifically. Sure, anybody can use an item that boosts their Charisma or gives them a higher AC, but where are the items to protect against channeled energy or help heal constructs?

    The answer is that they’re found in Wondrous Creations 7: Monstrous, from Gannet Games. This book presents almost four dozen new magic items, all of which put the monsters first. As the title indicates, all of these are wondrous items, all written in the familiar Pathfinder format.

    In terms of presentation the book is a spartan affair. There are no illustrations of any kind to be found here. Each of the items receives a sentence or two of description, however, so the text does help to flesh out how each item looks in addition to how it functions.

    Said functions are fairly multifaceted, as they vary widely in what sorts of being can use them. Some, for example, are targeted at very narrow ranges, such as the cohesion sphere, which stops oozes from splitting when damaged. Others can be used by almost any sort of creature, such as the pouch of usability, which contains a small magic item that affects whatever’s carrying the pouch (e.g. so a naga can put a ring in there, and receive its effects).

    While a few are specialized in being used against creatures of a certain type, the vast majority of these are made to abet monsters. A few have universal enough applicability that anyone can find some use for them, such as medusa syrup, which turns the gear of a petrified creature back to its normal state, while leaving the creature itself still petrified.

    Overall, what I enjoyed most about this product was the element of verisimilitude it presents for a Pathfinder game world. Monstrous spellcasters that make items are going to inevitably make some that are specialized towards their needs; it’s here that we get to see such creations. Armor that’s designed to aid flying creatures, for example, or goggles designed to let creatures restrict the always-on nature of their gaze, are something you’d think would be more common. And of course, GMs will get a mildly sadistic kick out of their PCs slaying the monsters only to find magic items that they can’t use.

    Show your PCs that there’s more magic in the world than that of men and elves. Some wondrous items are monstrous in what they do.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Wondrous Creations 7: Monstrous
    Publisher: gannet games
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 07/23/2013 11:40:10

    Adventurers go to a lot of time, trouble and expense to kit themselves out with suitable magic items to enhance their combat prowess and confer other abilities. So do NPCs, at least that's the way GMs and scenario authors build them as if they had done the same during their careers prior to meeting the party.

    But what about monsters? Many are capable of using magic items, or at least benefitting from their effects if carrying or wearing them. Most of the existing items could be retooled for 'monster' use, even if you might need to change them a bit - turning a ring into an armband or bracelet, for example, or rigging a collar for a creature that doesn't have regular limbs - to enable them to be worn or carried.

    But that's advice that can be written in a sentence or two, and of course you get much more in this product - a whole raft of devices made for (and perhaps by) monsters for their own use. Most could be used by anyone... although an Amulet of Life Aura, for example, is really only of use if you are undead and wish to conceal that fact from the world!

    Some serve to enhance natural abilities of monsters, just as regular items enhance character abilities - so for example a Harness of Swift Flight enhances flying capability in a creature who can already fly.

    Although this will be of most use to a GM seeking to enhance monster capabilites in new and interesting ways, those who have a familiar or even a companion animal may just find something their friend can use here. A nice selection of items in an area as yet unexploited.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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