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    Castles & Crusades Beneath the Dome
    $9.99 $7.00
    Average Rating:4.7 / 5
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    Castles & Crusades Beneath the Dome
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    Castles & Crusades Beneath the Dome
    Publisher: Troll Lord Games
    by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 09/15/2016 16:49:18

    Beneath the Dome is an adventure for the Castles & Crusades game by none other than James M. Ward. The current versions out in game stores and OneBookShelf are a combination of four smaller adventures. It is really like a small campaign or a longer adventure in four parts.

    Each section challenges characters of progressively higher levels (1-5, 4-7, 10th and above) and deals with the invasion of a race of giant humanoids, the Amdromodon. Aside: While the new monsters here are interesting enough, I couldn't help but think it might be cooler if instead, I replaced them with Slaadi from the old Fiend Folio. But that was only a thought.

    The adventures are interesting and I love the whole "invasion" and corruption vibe. It made it feel a little different than your typical adventure dealing with outer planar creatures. A little fleshing out with some other adventures the Castle Keeper could really make a nice campaign with this. The only thing really missing is a very high level adventure where the PCs go to the plane of the Amdromodons.

    There is a lot going on in this adventure(s) and it is a lot of fun really. In addition to the new monsters there are also some new spells.

    The book itself is 36 pages.

    Now. I hate to be "that guy" but today I am going to be. If your book needs so much editing that I notice it then you have some issues. There is more going on here than the odd typo or comma splice. Some sections are so awkward in their phrasing and the way they were written it really made it difficult to read. I know these complaints have been leveled against Troll Lords before and I have for the most part ignored them. But this book for whatever reason seemed to be really bad. Now the PDF might be updated, I don't know. But the physical copy I have needs a lot of help.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
    Castles & Crusades Beneath the Dome
    Publisher: Troll Lord Games
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 09/10/2013 11:01:25

    This is a fascinating 'semi-campaign' of a dungeon crawl accomplished in four stages. There is an underlying backstory about what is actually going on, and at intervals the trouble flares up and the local leadership hire adventurers to deal with it. In between times, the party had better go off and do something else to pile on the levels, for they will surely need them as the adventures progresses!

    The first section can be handled by smart and capable adventures of low level (1st-5th). The moon has gone a funny shade of green and the better part of a whole village's inhabitants were dragged off screaming in the middle of the night. Something must be done - and the characters are hired to do it. The trail leads to a cave at the foot of a mountain...

    There's a neat trick here. The 'Bad Guys' do not just sit and wait for adventurers to come by, they are getting on with their own thing. So as the adventure requires the characters to return to the same dungeon over and over again, it will not be the same - for a start the damage they did the last time may have been repaired, and other developments will have taken place. To accommodate this, descriptions are coded so that the Castle Keeper can amend his account of what the characters find where depending on which stage they are in the overall adventure.

    Phase 2 of the adventure is aimed at characters of 4th-7th level, and it is best if some time elapses after the first part of the adventure before you spring this on them. This time the moon has gone a reddish colour and the local ruler's castle is attacked by creatures coming through a magic portal. The adventures are tasked with finding out where they came from by braving the portal...

    Assuming they survive this and get to about 10th level, they will be ready for the third part. The characters are sent to explore that complex under the mountain thoroughly and make sure nothing nasty remains. This time it is the mountain itself which has gone a funny colour, purple this time...

    The final part is a tough combat-oriented 'crawl for characters over 10th level. That mountain is now a volcano, and the world is that a massive attack is to be mounting on the ruler's castle at the full moon. Given that they've barely survived the last couple of attacks it is up to the party to stop this invasion in its tracks.

    Throughout, the dungeon is jam-packed with things to see, things to discover, things to fight... and things to take. It's an epic sequence that will leave those who survive feeling that they have accomplished something - and they will rightly be hailed as heroes!

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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