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    Killshot Files #2: Bad Company $4.95
    Average Rating:5.0 / 5
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    Killshot Files #2: Bad Company
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    Killshot Files #2: Bad Company
    Publisher: Broken Ruler Games
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 09/16/2013 09:38:01

    There's a whole bundle of goodness here (Is 'goodness' the right word for something to do with assassination?) ranging from a discourse on the use of poison to developing specialisms and a complete scenario ready to run.

    Delivered in the style of a regular training session (that is, were there an International Training School for the Assassin's Art), the article on poisons covers everything the well-educated killer needs to know about the art and science of ending the target's life through poison. Some can be so subtle that it appears that the target died of natural causes (so, how do you ensure you get paid for your work?) while others leave it perfectly clear what has happened and the trick is to make sure nobody discovers that it was you who administered it. Here you will learn how to select and deliver your noxious brew of choice with nobody being the wiser... and how to treat poisoning, it would be unfortunate to perish from your own poison after all!

    For those who wish to develop their skills in this area, there is a new focus, the Toxician. Throughout, it is made clear how the rule mechanics apply to poison use. Note that this includes not just stuff that kills, but that which incapacitates the victim as well.

    Next comes an in-depth look at the existing focuses (focii?) as given in An Assassin's Journal, the player's guide for this game. This also includes four new ones (not counting the Toxician above), but possibly more interesting are the thoughts on different variations of those core focii. This section was adapted from posts on the Broken Ruler blog and at times it shows, mentions of 'this week we look at' have been left in which makes reading it in one go as an article a bit odd. The points are good, though, and should enable players to develop their characters in all manner of interesting, not to mention deadly, directions.

    This is followed by a new mark, a write-up of one Angela Berkowski. She's a college student, a good looker and a martial arts enthusiast... but comes onto our radar because her Dad is a homicide cop who has annoyed rather too many folks... and at least one is prepared to put the money on the table to see her out of this world to make her Dad suffer. Or maybe kidnap her to manipulate him... Dad's stats are given as well, he is likely to get involved in any attack on a daughter he dotes upon, after all.

    Then comes Killer Elite: Specialties. This is for the assassin who is making his name in the trade: they know about you but what is it that makes you stand out from the rest? Again, jam-packed with mechanical advantages built around signature abilities developed as you hone your assassin's skills.

    Finally, there's a complete Job to undertake, the titular Bad Company. This pits your crew of assassins against a hacker by the name of Thanatos who has apparently annoyed one big corporation too many with his information leaks to the public or competitors. Everything you'll need to run this Job is provided, with emphasis on putting the mechanics just where you'll need them as the Job progresses... and yet this is no railroad, you are equipped to deal with whatever the inventive assassins at your table propose. It's a tense and exciting job that requires plenty of subtetly to accomplish.

    Cracking stuff here, whether for developing your Assassins or providing them a suitable Job to exercise their talents!

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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