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    Do-Gooders & Daredevils, Operation: Marshal Law $0.99
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    Do-Gooders & Daredevils, Operation: Marshal Law
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    Do-Gooders & Daredevils, Operation: Marshal Law
    Publisher: Misfit Studios
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 10/07/2013 12:01:57

    This is a handy collection of oddments that will come in handy if you are of the opinion that law enforcement will try to recruit (forcibly or otherwise) superheroes to their ranks. It's a concept that can make for a cracking campaign, and at least stops people accusing your caped crusaders of being mere vigilantes and almost as much of a menace that the supervillains they fight!

    The first - the Mole Network organisation advantage - could be of use to anyone, whether or not they are involved in law enforcement. Basically, it allows a superhero character to discover that somewhere in an organisation he's dealing with there is a mole who is affiliated to his own parent organisation and who might be persuaded to help him, if he can do so without breaking cover.

    Next come some new skills, mostly based around who you know and where they are - a modified version of Connected that focusses on particular organisations, a revised version of Contacts, and Ear to the Ground - you use contacts, connections, water-cooler gossip and the like to good effect, enabling you to know what's going down.

    This is follwed by Operation: Marshal Law, which lays out how superhero involvement in law enforcement could be run, particularly if your game is set in the United States of America. The premise is that the US Marshal Service has decided to recruit superheroes for the specific purpose of dealing with empowered villains - both the catching of them, and the transport and retention of them once they have been caught. They also can be tasked with witness protection and the guarding of Federal officials such as judges when a potential threat from metahumans has been detected.

    Details for a local US Marshal office, which will be their base of operations, and of the training prospective Marshals undergo - it's the same as regular human ones, but conducted in a separate facility to accommodate superhero needs - are give, with all the game mechanics you need to make it happen in your game. There's a note on the standard issue equipment they get and several adventure seeds to get such a campaign going.

    Some neat ideas here, excellent for those wishing to integrate into society rather than existing on the fringes as vigilantes.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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