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    Bestiarum Vocabulum: Nagas & Magics $2.94
    Average Rating:4.0 / 5
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    Bestiarum Vocabulum: Nagas & Magics
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    Bestiarum Vocabulum: Nagas & Magics
    Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 10/11/2013 10:30:53

    Nagas are a particularly fascinating lot, intelligent and devious, ideal for those who like convoluted plots (whether as a GM or as a player with an unusual character), this work provides lots of added detail to anyone who finds use for naga in their game.

    The introduction discusses some of the versatility displayed by nagas and explains the three main types: guardian, spirit and water nagas. There's a novel suggestion for their venom, that each naga has TWO separate venoms. One is stored in sacs attached to the fangs and is delivered by a bite attack; the other is derived from their bile, finds its way into the saliva and is delivered via a spit attack. Add in a whole slew of new naga species to go with the main three, and you get a dizzying slew of venom effects - a poisoner's dream, can he but catch and 'milk' a naga of its venom.

    Next comes a listing of naga species, starting with the 'evil' ones. Best used as monsters, these tend to a pretty mindless pursuit of whatever they crave: the golden naga amasses treasure, the pit naga likes lots of slaves and so on. Neatly, their specific venoms are linked to their desires - a golden naga's bite venom turns the target into gold, for example. Slime naga and ruins naga are even more basic beasties, and best avoided.

    Then the neutral naga species are explored. The eerily beautiful lock naga, all shimmering silver scales, guards interdimensional portals and planar gates, charging a toll for passage, that is if they will let you through at all. There's also one called a master alchemist - its venom is extremely useful if you are an alchemist as you can use it as a basis for virtually any potion or other subject you care to name.... and many of them have got wise to this, making a comfortable living out of selling their spit! Royal nagas likewise are content to earn their keep as advisors to monarchs, sharing their wisdom... and are very religious, being devoted to a deity. Their bite venom can convert victims into devotees... There are quite a few other naga species with different areas of interest such as the jade naga which hunts undead and the jet one that goes after demons.

    This naga bestiary is followed by a list of spells. Most naga have some spellcasting ability. Most of the spells could probably be learned by other casters could they but find a teacher (or a book) but some really only work if you are a naga. There are also some magic items, constrained by the fact that naga do not have hands and so are quite limited in which items they can wield effectively. There are some interesting caps, torcs and ioun stones here, though, as well as some other oddments. Good treasure trove material if nothing else.

    Nice selection of material about an interesting but rarely featured race.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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