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    The Great Game [ICONS] $3.60
    Average Rating:4.8 / 5
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    The Great Game [ICONS]
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    The Great Game [ICONS]
    Publisher: Fainting Goat Games
    by Jacob B. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 01/10/2014 17:30:49

    One of the most innovative space/cosmic settings I have seen published for superhero games in quite some time, The Great Game offers a universe of possibilities for your campaign. Although written for the ICON superhero rpg, this sourcebook can be used as a reference guide to any superhero rpg with a little conversion know-how.

    The Great Game is 53 pages long and filled with numerous illustrations from a number of different artists. It even includes a "snack cake comic" like in the olden days of comic-dom. Layout appears top-notch, and several pdfs are presented, allowing for easy printing.

    The Great Game is filled with a number of homage characters and settings that give a nod to superhero comics from across the last century. The Prometheans give tribute to the numerous "space gods" of Jack Kirby. The Ghostlight Legion nods toward Space Ghost. The Bloodstone Protectorate mixes the Green Lantern Corps with the vile immortal mind of Ego the Living Planet. The Krobon Empire shows how much fun a "Flash Gordon" style setting can be. Even the Mech Centrality pays homage to the Transformers! How about an homage to Rom the Spaceknight and the Dire Wraiths? Check!

    Even though I do not play ICONS, this single sourcebook has a wealth of knowledge that will find its way into my superhero campaign. Furthermore, the possibility for Fainting Goat Games to expand upon this book is as infinite as the universe. I will be sure to look favorably upon future space-based books from FGG, if they are of the same quality as The Great Game.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    The Great Game [ICONS]
    Publisher: Fainting Goat Games
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 12/18/2013 07:19:29

    Truly cosmic in scale, this epic work takes superheroes out of their neighbourhood and onto a galactic stage. In the introduction, we meet the Prometheans who have written the history of the universe page by annual page in a book that stands 820 miles thick and which seems to have a life of its own! Their goal is to bring civilisation to the teeming inhabitants of the universe... and found human beings both a challenge and of great potential. For they proved easy to modify, and formed the core of the Janissaries, the Promethean's loyal troops... but not all were biddable enough and these were left behind. Of such seeds are today's superpowered individuals born.

    Out in the black, struggles rage on, and this is the Great Game of the title. Where and how will humans become involved? The local powers to Earth are described and mapped, and these details are followed by a wealth of advice on running a cosmic campaign. Your first choice is to decide if aliens come to Earth or some folk from Earth venture forth to encounter aliens... both options present plenty of potential for adventure and are, of course, not mutually exclusive. Examples are given from the history of comics as well as within the context of the universe as postulated for this work.

    Both factions and individual aliens are presented in detail, plenty of resources here with which to create your own campaign, and the descriptions are peppered with ideas on how to utilise the individuals and factions described, giving plenty of direction without becoming too prescriptive. There's a lot of intrigue out there and it is well worth thorough study to embroil your characters in at least some of what is going on.

    There is great scope for adventure here, if your party dares to enter the universe-spanning conflict between the Greater Bright and the Greater Dark. However, there will be work to do before the universe is ready for them: this book is replete with ideas but you will have to create the actual adventures in which they will participate. But for those prepared to put the effort in, epic campaigns await.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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