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    Perilous Journey #15: Mission Alpha

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    Perilous Journey #15: Mission Alpha
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    Perilous Journey #15: Mission Alpha
    Publisher: Mystical Throne Entertainment
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 03/04/2014 11:54:03

    The title of Perilous Journey #15 is a little misleading, this is the opening adventure in a new campaign set in the Hastilion Expanse, and expected to last for some 14 episodes... so don't get confused. The introduction attempts to reduce the confusion, explaining how the campaign is constructed to use the Savage Worlds ruleset, and Mystical Throne Entertainment's Mercenary Breed setting.

    The basic premise of the campaign is telling the stories of an expansion into a new area of space, the Hastilion Expanse. Naturally, many corporations are eyeing up the opportunities, and there's the potential for many a fortune to be made. The characters will be hired - as mercenaries - to facilitate the plans of one such corporation, Drake Mining and Manufacturing... and the adventures begin.

    Mission Alpha actually comprises three missions, which may be run in any order. They involve the party in various activities on behalf of Drake M&M - anything from diplomacy to more 'traditional' mercenary activities - as well as introducing them to some of the major players in the corporation and the murky world of corporation politics! This ensures plenty of activity that should keep the players entertained whether they prefer brawling or intrigue, or a bit of both.

    Both the introductory sequence and the actual mission locations are well described with plenty of atmospheric detail that makes them come alive in the shared alternate reality that is your game. The neat thing is each of the missions would rate as a full adventure in most people's books - there really is a lot going on, and a vast amount to do. Although the adventures are quite open in structure, suiting the GM who likes to run with an outline of what's to take place, there is plenty and enough detail so that you are not left wondering how to respond to character actions.

    As well as the actual missions, there are 'travelling encounters' that may be run when the party is in transit - interplanetary travel is quite slow and whilst it is OK for the characters to be bored, it is a good idea to keep the players entertained. There is also a Bestiary which covers any alien creatures mentioned in the adventure text, but which of course are available for use anywhere appropriate as well, and background notes on the Hastilion Expanse (it is suggested that you allow players to read these notes, most of this is general knowledge as far as the characters are concerned). For those interested in new character options, some are presented - you might want to make these available during character creation as there are three new xeno templates that would fit in quite well with this campaign. One is of a native species that will be encountered, you may prefer to hold that back against needing a replacement character when on their world, however. Notes are also provided about the corporate benefits available to loyal employees of Drake; and finally there's a bit of scene-setting fiction. Again, you may share this with the players, it doesn't give away any plot.

    Whilst the material refers to the characters as 'mercenaries' I think they are more like 'corporate troubleshooters' in the nature of the work they are being asked to do. This has all the potential to develop into a truly epic campaign that will live on in a group's memory for years...

    All I need now is some players!

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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