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    FT - Silvantri $2.00
    Average Rating:5.0 / 5
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    FT - Silvantri
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    FT - Silvantri
    Publisher: Adventures in Filbar
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 03/30/2014 11:28:39

    An elf village ought to feel a bit different from a human one, and Silvantri manages that well. Built deep in a forest with much far overhead linked by aerial walkways, some elves rarely come to ground at all. Others use elevators to get foodstuffs to the heights (and at least one drunk dwarf, the village blacksmith, back home after an evening's drinking). Originally built thus to keep elves safe from other humanoids using the forest, they have kept it that way because they like it and are used to it.

    The population is almost completely elven, with a few others mostly accepted (one or two elves would rather they were not there) into the community, mostly retired adventurers from a party including a resident of the village who returned home. Magic abounds, and there's a couple of good inns. Several of the elves trade in textiles and leatherwork, there's excellent wine made and one inn's specialty is rhubarb pie! There's a fine library, and some rather good bakers... heck, I think I'll move there.

    The product rounds off with a map, menus for both inns and several images of this wonderful setting. It would be a nice place to come across in your travels, but mind your manners. Elves won't stand any nonsense.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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